Batch Upload


Note: To access the "Bet Upload" feature at, you will need to log-in at As noted above, accounts will be transferred to on (or soon after) Tuesday November 16th. Therefore, unless you already have a TwinSpires account, you will not be able to access TwinSpires until your Youbet account is successfully transferred on/around Tuesday November 16th. Once your account is transferred, you will be able to log in to TwinSpires with your existing Youbet handle and password. Please follow these steps to access the TwinSpires Bet Upload feature:

 (1) Log-in at

(2) Select "Wager Now"

(3) Select "TwinSpires Classic" from the Wager Now screen

(4) Select "Upload Draft Wagers" from the dropdown listed under "More Options" on the TwinSpires Classic toteboard.

 To start uploading wagers, simply follow the steps listed on the the Bet Upload screen:


The Youbet "Upload Wagers" and TwinSpires "Bet Upload" share strong similarities in the process required to upload and submit wagers. In both implementations, once a file has been uploaded, the wagers (called "drafts" on TwinSpires) are NOT sent to tote until the player reviews the uploaded drafts and elects to submit them for processing. While these TwinSpires and Youbet processes are largely similiar, there are some differences that you will need to be aware of. To understand the primary differences, please review the assorted comments for "Terminology", "Track Codes", "Wager Codes", "Conditional MTP", "File Structure", and "Bet Upload Syntax Examples" noted below:


The information (and terminology) displayed for each uploaded wager are largely the same (or very similiar) in both Youbet and TwinSpires. However, listed below are definitions of three (3) Bet Upload terms which may be unfamiliar to YouBet users:

"PENDING" (instead of "In Queue" on YouBet) - A draft which has been submitted for processing by the user but a tote response has not yet been received. The "Pending" status is most often seen for conditional wagers which have yet to be sent to tote.

"SUBMITTED" (instead of "In Queue" on YouBet) - "Submitted" drafts are draft wagers that were successfully submitted by the user for processing by tote.

"FAILED" (instead of "Declined" on YouBet) - "Failed" drafts include any draft which was submitted by the user but rejected by tote (e.g. insufficient funds) or a conditional draft whose conditions were not met.

Track Codes

The track codes (required in the Bet Upload file) are different than the track codes used by Youbet. The current list of valid track codes can be found on the Bet Upload screen (see access instructions above). Please note that the track code list is updated daily - as the codes are received from tote on a daily basis. While the track codes generally remain the same, the track codes can change from day to day.

Wager Codes

The wager codes (required in the Bet Upload file) are different than the wager codes used by Youbet. The current list of valid wager codes can be found on the Bet Upload screen (see access instructions access). Please note that wager codes list updated daily - as the codes are received from tote on a daily basis. While the wager codes rarely change, the wager codes can change from day to day.

Conditional MTP

The TwinSpires Conditional MTP (Bet Upload field #8) must be an integer from 0 to 15. The Youbet Upload Wagers feature allowed non-integer and negative values.

File Structure

 The comma-delimited Bet Upload file may contain up to 200 wagers. Each line contains the bet details for an individual wager in the following format:

1. Track Code (see current "Track Codes" list on the Draft Wagers screen)
2. Race Date (mm/dd/yyyy) or (m/d/yyyy)
3. Race Number
4. Wager Type (see "Wager Codes" list on the Draft Wagers screen)
5. Wager Amount (base wager amount for the desired bet -- e.g. $2.00)
6. Runners List (see Notes and see Bet Upload Syntax Examples below)
7. Conditional Wager? (Y or N)
8. Conditional MTP (any integer from 0 to 15)
9. Conditional Min Odds/Probable Payoff (see notes below)

Notes for field #6 (Runner List):

Use a "/" (forward slash) to separate betting interests in different positions,legs, and races.

Use a "+" (plus sign) to include multiple betting interests within the same position,leg, and race.

Consecutive betting numbers can be presented as "a-z" where "a" is the starting betting number of the consecutive and "z" is the ending betting number in the sequence. For example: "3-8" encompasses betting numbers 3,4,5,6,7,8.

You can use "ALL" to denote all betting interests in the position/leg. [Note: The Youbet syntax used an "A" to designate ALL]

Note: Do not include letters for coupled entries... only the betting numbers should be included (use "1" for 1A, 1B, etc).

In the "Conditional Min Odds/Probable Payoff" setting (field #9):

Use an integer (3 for 3-to-1), real number (2.5 for 5/2), or fraction (5/2 for 2.5) to represent your "minimum win odds" for conditional win wagers.

Use an integer value (44 for $44) for the "Probable Payoff" setting for conditional exacta or quinella wagers.

Bet Upload Syntax Examples

Example#1 (Win):

CHD,07/24/2009,3, WN,$2.00,2+3 ($2 Win #2,3 Race3 -- total bet: $4)

Example#1B (Conditional Win):

CHD,07/24/2009,3,WN,$2.00,2,Y,0,5 ($2 Win #7 Race3; minimum win odds 5/1 at 0 mtp)

Example#1C (Win with single digit month/year):

CHD,8/1/2009,3, WN,$2.00,2+3 ($2 Win #2,3 Race3 -- total bet: $4)

Example#2 (exacta):

CHD,07/24/2009,3,EX,$2.00,2/3 ($2 Exacta 2/3 -- total bet: $2)

Example#2B (Conditional Exacta):

CHD,07/24/2009,3,EX,$2.00,2/3,Y,0,44 ($2 Exacta 2/3 Race3; minimum $44 probable payoff at 0 mtp -- total bet: $2)

Example#3 (exacta box):

CHD,07/24/2009,3,EX,$2.00,2+3/2+3 ($2 Exacta Box 2/3 -- total bet: $4)

Example#4 (pick3):

CHD,07/24/2009,3,P3,$1.00,4/4+7/4 ($2 Pick3 4 with 4,7 with 4 -- total bet: $4)

Example#4B (pick3):

CHD,07/24,2009,3,P3,$1.00,4/4-7/4 ($2 Pick3 4 with 4,5,6,7 with 4 -- total bet: $8)

Example#5 (superfecta):

CHD,07/24/2009,3,SU,$0.10,1/2+3/4+6/6+7 ($0.10 Super 1 with 2,3 with 4,6 with 6,7 -- total bet: $0.60)