The March of the older pacers continues at Yonkers Raceway with leg two of the 2019 George Morton Levy and Blue Chip Matchmaker series. This week each series offers a quartet of divisions battling to make it to their respective finales, on April 20. The horses-to-watch (H2W) list contenders, our serious considerations for any and all wagers you endure, is included again, so do your own handicapping and then consider our H2W selections. Consult the H2W for all of your harness action. MATCHMAKER FIRES II Friday, March 22 older mare pacers race in $40,000 divisions of the Matchmaker Series for pacing mares in races 5 through 6 and races 8 and 9. Matchmaker R5 The Hudson-on-the-Hudson stable sends out the obvious favorite in the opener of the second leg with Betterb Chevron N. The field of eight brings together some heavy earners, all of whom have banked far less than the Down Under (AUS) mare. “Chevron” is one of four from Australasia. Another, Don’t Think Twice A could be the value bet in this mile. She is one of a few that have barely begun their 2019 season, having one second in two starts for locally productive trainer Andrew Harris. The crowd may look for bargains from Ron Burke’s Lakeisha Hall, even though she has not hit the board twice against this division’s entries. Also, another AUS entry, Kaitlyn N, second highest earner in the group, could be involved with the right trip to win or play an exotic role. Matchmaker R6 Lispatty has been hot in overnights so far this season, while starting in the Matchmaker last week she was weighed with a bad post. Leaving from the rail she should try to steal it from gate to wire. Also topsy-turvy is Apple Bottom Jeans, this week stuck on the outside and, though she has won more than all eight here, won’t get the super support she received in round one. Write Me A Song was third for Hudson last week as the second choice in a hearty mile mostly in tier two. She was beaten by Twinkle (here again), who got a simple catbird trip and was left with no excuse to lose. Write Me A Song, who we backed for a big cash the race before the series, is our choice again here, as hopefully the crowd leans into Twinkle. Matchmaker R8 Ideal Lifestyle A, a winner in round one as a choice, overwhelms these eight in earnings and overall toteboard appearances so far this season. Bettor Joy N, a public choice last week and one for us, can beat her here. She was second last week. As a second choice, “Joy” may be a good bet. An outsider worth a look is Itty Bitty from the Rene Allard contingent. Post 7 is no plus but she has been frisky in nine starts this season, with five in the money, two wins on top. Exotic inclusion will pump up a price. Matchmaker R9 The nightcap offers a chance to bet against the best mare, obviously, Shartin N. Her 8-post launch could cost her a neck or nose, even, at the wire, to a foe saving enough ground to sneak in on her late. Last week’s winner in a split, Delightfulmemphisn, will still be a second choice against Shartin N, but perhaps a tighter one. It’s tough to believe Shartin N, even from Yonkers’ most cursed post, would not be a top public choice in this division. We would hope for the scenario where those two wipe one another from a winning finish, giving a few steps worthy of a nose or hair victory to Seaswift Joy N (AUS) at a large price. GEORGE M. LEVY LEAGUE II Saturday, March 23, older male pacers are featured in $50,000 divisions of the George Morton Levy Series in Races 2, 5 and 6 and 8 through 10. . Another sextet for the big-boy pacers makes up leg two of this year’s “Levy,” again worth $50,000 a clip. LEVY R2 Only six start the stream in the first round. Western Fame will take the favorite status, no doubt. She surprised us last week with similar status and sadly became one of only two low-paying Levy winners for us. This week we will let the public take her side while we go with an outsider in post and in the betting—Mach Doro A. The 6 hole should lift our odds some in the six-horse field and make him an overlay, as he goes for Heidi Gibbs with a win and a place (last week he was second at 17-1) in as many starts. LEVY R5 Bit Of A Legend starts from the rail after a miserable walk around the mile last week from post 8 with the whole field in front of him. Things will change dramatically as the defending champ of the series will fire immediately at a very low price in round two. We won’t give up on the Levy boys from Hudson on the Hudson and look for an upset from Micky Gee N. This is only his second start of the season, so we look to take advantage of the best he may have to offer after one spin on foreign ground. He should be considered in exotics with the huge choice as well as a winner. LEVY R6 Anythingforlove A, our other winner last week, should be an astounding public choice here, with Nick Surick’s Control Power his only wagering foe. Surick has been scorching the half mile at Freehold this season and driver Austin Siegelman is a popular item at Yonkers. A low-price ticket for either is not on our agenda. From post 1, we will look for Endeavor to make his second start of the year at a sharp price against the other two. From the Midwest, he may have a trip edge here for a few reasons. One is Luciano N, from the outside, who is bound to challenge Anythingforlove A and could manage to wear him down a step or two, leaving room for Endeavor to come from his catbird seat and fly by the two or three tiring speedsters. LEVY R8 Ideal Jimmy upset a division last week with an unexpected front-stepping mile. We will take the Hudson entry from the rail, Lockton Luck A. Even though he was obliterated at 97-1 last week, finishing seventh, there was movement and a gain in lengths. That was an uneven division, as the second choice led and quit badly tanked when challenged in the stretch. The favorite won but just by a neck as the field gathered at the wire late. Lockton Luck A has little excuse to abandon hope here, especially with Mach It So’s second try in the series offering “Jimmy” convincing pressure. LEVY R9 The Wall got a big trip at 19-1 last week, beating the favorite by a head. He was helped by beaten Burke favorite Always At My Place and thickening traffic by three-quarters. One assistant in the crowded flow was Sams A Champ A, the public’s second choice. This week, “Champ” may not be bet as hard while getting a better trip and a flow that benefits him. We will give trainer Tahnee Camilleri’s good stock a chance to stay in the series with a win here. LEVY R10 Seven end the second leg of the Levy, with Imarocnrollegend N certainly the one to beat off of last week’s sharp effort. Somewhere in LA will be out to get him, though and that could set up a shot for Somebaddude. Second at 8-1 last week, Linda Toscano’s pacer has been cashing checks in six starts and is a serious contender in this series. H2W Legend Review our choices and follow the wagering at the prescribed track. These are possible contenders we have judged from reviewing races. The horses’ names are listed beneath the name of the track after the date they will be racing. The race in which they are entered (R and race number) follows. If a + is in front of a horse’s name it means it is appearing on the list for the second (and last) time because it failed to win the first time it appeared. An “ae” signals the horse is entered on the also-eligible list. If a horse is listed twice, refer to the entries on the night of the race since a horse may enter in more than one race. Types of wagering on any of the H2W listed horses are based on your judgment. If you have any questions, email us at TwinSpires. H2W LIST Buffalo 3/23/19, +Rebel Voyager R2; +Burton Blue Chip R3; +Fast Fool R9; +Keystone Royce R11 H2W LIST Buffalo 3/23/19, +Rebel Voyager R2; +Burton Blue Chip R3; +Fast Fool R9; +Keystone Royce R11 Cal Expo 3/22/19, Budgie Smuggler R12 3/23/19, +Almost Cut My Hair R7; +Melodies That Rock R8; Speak English R8; Silent Rescue R9 Dover 3/21/19, +Proper One R10 3/25/19, +Sedona Seelster ae R12 Flamboro 3/21/19, Dreams Of Mine R10; Golfgirl R10 Freehold 3/22/19, Chuckabuck R5; Latoka R9; +Hot Deuce R10 Meadowlands 3/22/19, +Moms Crossroads R1; Wings Of Speed R2; +Believe In Waco R4; Blush Hanover R7; Hanks Tank R9 Meadows 3/22/19, +Regal Hope R3; +Artists Ruffles R5 Miami 3/22/19, Bottom Deals R7; Barn Bella R9 3/25/19, +Homecoming Queen R5 Monticello 3/21/19, +Twin B Onaroll R6; +Six Roses R9 Mohawk 3/22/19, Uptown Woman R4 3/23/19, Prince Giovanni R1; RU Talkin R2 Northfield 3/23/19, Miss Dollar Mam R2; +Dragon Lady Art R9; Bad Medicine R11 3/25/19, Jackie Goldstein R4 Northville 3/22/19, Bearly Behavin R3; AJ Sinfully Wicked R4; Givemeonemoreshot R5 Pocono 3/23/19, Bilbo Hanover R1; +Shinobu Hanover R5; +Polak A R7; Shady City R13 3/24/19, Muscle Fashion R6 Pompano 3/21/19, Rascal Flatter R2 3/25/19, Part Time R4 Saratoga 3/21/19, Wonderful World R1; +Bonzai Beach R4; +Aunt Betty ae R7; +Fade To Gold R8; +Oporto Hanover R8; Lynn Bin Con Kin R12 Western Fair 3/22/19, Sports Tale R3; Randycam R5; +Bettors Instinct R6; Sly Baron R7 Yonkers 3/21/19, Marced Magic R2; Big Jer R12 3/22/19, +Christen Me N R3; Wishy Washy Girl R7 3/23/19, +Givenupdreaming R4 3/25/19, Bo Mach R7; Catch An Ace R8