Yonkers Raceway continues to be the headquarters for our features with leg three of the 2019 George Morton Levy and Blue Chip Matchmaker series. The series, for divisions of pacing mares and horses, continues to qualify entries for their finales on April 20. The horses-to-watch (H2W) list stands firmly behind its contenders per track (some new openings have been added), all serious considerations for any and all wagers you attack. So do your own handicapping and then consider our H2W selections. Consult the H2W for all of your harness action. POWER PLAYS Saratoga / R4 Thursday, March 28 Two of our contenders from last week and another two from a previous weeks’’H2W lists return in this affair, where they would pay handsomely as across-the-board finishers and, obviously, as exotic elements. From inside to outside posts, they are: Double Joy, who leaves from post 2, is a morning-line fourth choice, tight with the first three favorites in a very open claiming race. Awake My Soul is also one of the top four sharing most of the win pool. Michelle Crawford’s mare just keeps getting better. The Time To Win has not found the time to win, even when being supported well enough to attract a race’s majority of bettors. Should she come back here to the form that has been responsible for such attraction, she will pay far better than odds offered in the seven races she has lost thus far. Wonderful World will suffer in the betting as she leaves from post 8 but should she take first, second or third, all possible finishes for this horse for course, the payback will be significant. MATCHMAKER FIRES III Friday, March 29 older mare pacers race in four $40,000 divisions of the Matchmaker Series for pacing mares in races 4 and 6 through 8.. Matchmaker R4 It looks as if Apple Bottom Jeans will be the public choice. Leaving from the rail, with two series’ wins, she has only five others to beat in her quest for a sweep. Ron Burke’s Feelin Red Hot will be on her tail looking for another win but must be tactical, as “Apple” gets the usual Yonkers advantage from post 1. Still working on her form as she approaches her third race of the year, Queen Lostris N is in a spot to upend those top two choices or merely pump the exotics by hitting the toteboard. Gilber Garcia-Herrera’s stock is making money by racing outside the favor of the public, so go with him and her here. Matchmaker R6 Drawing the outside 6 hole in this sextet, Bettor Joy N has to work to make it two in a row for the series. She will be in the top three public choices, though the win money for the trio should be spread evenly. Lispatty has been racing well outside of the series, enough to get more support in this leg. Ideal Lifestyle A is one of the series top contenders and leaves to Lispatty’s right on the inside, carrying her own bundle of cash. If the two inside mares get enough support to push Bettors Joy N to a second or third choice, she becomes the win wager with the others left to stack behind her in exotics. For a stronger exotic with this scenario, use Freakonomics to sneak in for second. Matchmaker R7 Last week we were third with Seashift Joy N but there was no price since the race went show-price free. Tony Alagna’s mare was 5-1 and could go off even higher here due to Betterb Chevron N, Lance Hudson’s series-contending mare. That duo would offer a decent return as an exacta either way, as the public will probably pound Don’t Think Twice A, who is showing the most recent victory, which we called, in leg 2. Matchmaker R8 Shartin N lost from post 8 last week but was dynamic in being thwarted by Yonkers’ darkest starting point. How can she beat herself from post 3 takes considerable imagination. Jim King Jr.’s magnificent mare faces such minor competition in this division that one must key her as the top horse in exotics and use the rank outsiders to get any price on a two- or three-combo ticket. Those suggested are this week’s 8-hole leaver, Write Me A Song, and Burke’s Magic Forces. GEORGE M. LEVY LEAGUE III Saturday, March 30, older male pacers are featured in $50,000 divisions of the George Morton Levy Series, leg three. Levy R4 Leg 3 begins with a wide-open bunch with series-leg winners in and out of the public favor when successful. Endeavor won (our choice last week) beating the favorite. The Wall had a perfect trip and flow two weeks back and popped a big price to win. Beckhams Z Tam and The Downtown Bus also had some luck so far. Imarocnrollegend N is a division winner and with track-fan-driver George Brennan will share most of the win money, probably with Endeavor. Our outsider contender is Rene Allard’s Major Crocker A, who from post 2 could get into the catbird seat while some speedy shuffling and dueling ensues. Levy R5 Eight are at the gate for this division, which is apt to rightfully present a number of arguments for all. This is a difficult call before the public passes its wagering opinions. Certainly Rodeo Rock, now three wins for as many starts, will attract supporters, as will Western Fame and, though he draws post 8, Somewhere In LA. The field is rife for an upset that comes from a gifted trip behind short speed from dueling and wide rolls around half of the turns. Luciano N could be the beneficiary of such scenarios and pay far better than he should. A sharp cover trip will do it, especially if Rodeo Rock takes off early and is among the pressured from the outer posts. Levy R8 We surrendered our big price on JJ Flynn last week by not following up on our own early-season advice about his improving this season. He will be bet down this week and we do not want to back him as any member of the public’s choices. Nick Surick’s best of the series so far, Control Tower, is up for one of those favorite choices here, as is Sams A Champ A, who we backed previously for obvious reasons. Under the radar, we hope, goes Bellows Binge. The crowd may not serve Richard Banca the respect his charge deserves in this mile, going with the brand names also involved. Levy R9 Here’s an eight-horse field where making a prediction for price and purpose could produce one of the biggest overlays (not win prices) of the series. In only his third start of the season, let’s go with the scenario that has Mach It So leaving quickly from the gate, controlling the pace and drawing off to win. The crowd should adorn Anythingforlove A with the bulk of the win pool cash, as well as it invests in More The Bettor N and finds this race a spot to swing for the fence playing something with huge odds. All of that supports our prediction. Levy R11 Leg three ends with this gang of eight, led by Ideal Jimmy on the outside. The 7 hole may not stop the series’ pacing surprise wonder but he is still up against relatively nothing. We return with support for our huge place horse last week, Lockton Luck A. From the Hudson-on-the-Hudson barn, we can only hope this one is let loose by most bettors, as he was last week, and he is ready to make his leg-two finish just a little better. H2W Legend Review our choices and follow the wagering at the prescribed track. These are possible contenders we have judged from reviewing races. The horses’ names are listed beneath the name of the track after the date they will be racing. The race in which they are entered (R and race number) follows. If a + is in front of a horse’s name it means it is appearing on the list for the second (and last) time because it failed to win the first time it appeared. An “ae” signals the horse is entered on the also-eligible list. If a horse is listed twice, refer to the entries on the night of the race since a horse may enter in more than one race. Types of wagering on any of the H2W listed horses are based on your judgment. If you have any questions, email us at TwinSpires. H2W LIST Buffalo 3/30/19, For A Better Time R1; Keystone Dalton R3; Heaven Rocks R7; Brady B Brave R12 Cal Expo 3/29/19, +King Of The Crop R5; +Budgie Smuggler R6; +Speak English R8; +Silent Rescue R10 3/30/19, Lickcreek Speedway R2; Sylemaster R5 Dover 3/28/19, Sweet Sun Daze R3; Rock Lights R6 4/1/19, +Rifle R1 Flamboro 3/28/19, +Dreams Of Mine R3; +Golfgirl R3 Freehold 3/29/19, +Chuckabuck R4 Hoosier 3/29/19, Rockys Z Tam R11; Florishing Future R12; Great Moves R14 Meadowlands 3/29/19, +Blush Hanover R2; +Wings Of Speed R5 Meadows 3/29/19,+To oHis Credit R3; Fits Big R4; Fast N Victorious R7; Vodka Is Terror R12 Miami 3/29/19, +Bottom Deals R7; Centalta Diamond R8; Anarchy Hanover R13 3/30/19, +Trotting Grace R5 3/31/19, +Indian Spirit R1 Monticello 3/28/19, Rakin It In R1; Justwiggleit R8 Mohawk 3/29/19, +Uptown Woman R7 Northfield 3/30/19, Alverez R2; Precious Twilight R7 Northville 3/29/19, +Bearly Behavin R2; Harveybear R6; +Givemeonemoreshot R7; Bellas Quik R7 3/30/19, +AJ Sinfully Wicked R2 Philly 3/30/19, Bettors Pride R2 3/31/19, Jerrytone R10 Pocono 3/30/19, Sometimesawinner R2; Mister Special T R5; Pappy Go Go R7; +Shady City R11 4/1/19, Flipping Fun R7 Pompano 3/28/19, Jy Jay R5; Ask Me Ifi Care R7 3/31/19, Rascall Flatter R8; Woo Shark R8; +Part Time R8 Saratoga 3/28/19, Qing Qong Bluechip R8; +Oh Whata Night John R11 Western Fair 3/29/19, +Sports Tale R9 Yonkers 3/28/19, +Marced Magic R2; Real World Goal R9 3/29/19, +Wishy Washy Girl ae R5; Quite A Delight N R12 4/1/19, +Bo Mach R5; +Big Jer R10