Spring may be a bit stubborn starting but nothing will stop the fourth leg of Yonkers Raceway 2019 George Morton Levy and Blue Chip Matchmaker series. The pacing mares and horses are on target at spring’s beginning for their finales on April 20. The horses-to-watch (H2W) list contenders increase as we scope overnights at more tracks, presenting our strong considerations for any and all wagers you attack. So do your own handicapping and then consider our H2W selections. Last week, over 50 percent of the H2W contenders made it on the board, most with very good prices. Consult the H2W for all of your harness action. POWER PLAYS Hoosier / R1, 2 Thursday, April 4 As Hoosier Park rolls into its second week of the 2019 meet, we are keeping a close look on trends from past meets, including the trainers bringing strong stock to the early-meet programs. Let’s look at the Daily Double, along with the usual offered pools and single-race exotics, with proposed value in first leg using Townline Blue Boy (TBB). Trained by Don Eash, this one looked slow and disinterested on March 29 at Philly. From the outside in a field of 10, TBB started from the back of the pack and beat only one at the finish. That, however, was not much worse than the other six finishing off the grid. Eash brings his best to Hoosier and catching them at times like these, where the public could highly underrate them, is a must for those seeking an edge. TBB is our outside contender with a big shot at what the public will define as a longshot. In Race 2, Townline Flyinlady “Flyinlady,” trained by Walter Haynes, Jr. is among this trainer’s Indiana barn stormers. Haynes qualified Flyinlady mildly, making the necessary time with only as much pace as needed. Now, one of the track’s top conditioners, puts Flyinlady in a spot where she will not have to qualify, just perform, and she seems ready for this while dodging the dollars of a hungry public. The result will be a fair price or a remarkable offering. MATCHMAKERS IV Round four at Yonkers sends out less pacing mares than before (just three divisions) but at $40,000 each still lives up to some good stock and wagering events. Matchmaker R7 Feelin Red Hot is bound to get the public’s best support in the first Matchmaker division of the program. She has been sharp and managed to win over Shartin N when that one surrendered to a post disadvantage. The other two contenders for us include Don’t Think Twice A, who we nailed in leg two and the true outside contender, Obvious Blue Chip. The latter can slip in off a duel producing faster fractions that the aforementioned can handle. Certainly she will have the best bounty. Matchmaker R8 Bettor Joy N and Ideal Lifestyle A should be bookend favorites, though the former could be a bet with higher odds, vis a vis an overlay, but the crowd knows these two well now from success in the series, so neither will surprise with a win. A surprise will be Betterb Chevron N. The Hudson-on-the-Hudson entry got third for us last week and needs to win this to carry on in the series. Fair odds will be available, especially with Delightfulmemphisn also attracting dough. Matchmaker R9 Shartin N controls this field as she has in every leg except one. So, pass or key her in exotics with Kaitlyn N and Seaswift Joy N. The latter was a winner for us last week but from post 8 here she is going to be a pass for a lot of bettors; that gives her value. Going off at high odds and getting into an exotic could make the combo price worthy. G. M. LEVY LEAGUE IV Saturday, April 5, older male pacers are featured in leg four George Morton Levy Series divisions offering $50,000 each in leg four. Levy R5 Opening the Levy quartet are seven from the previous three legs that each have their strengths in this evenly matched division. Some may think is it not so even, given JJ Flynn’s current form but it may take some work and maybe some luck to take this split. Pacing Major N won at 67-1 last week off of a good trip and he gets an inside post to look for another such journey. Lockton Luck A finished fifth for us last week but after his race prior to that, we may have expected too much. Endeavor was a surprise loser and Imarocnrollegend N has been competitive in all legs. Also here with some chances is Major Crocker A. He was our only Levy choice to hit the board last week and will be overlooked here as a winner. If the field rambles as we expect it to do, Major Crocker A may surprise them all, even if my a hair, at the wire. LEVY R7 Here a favorite, Anythingforlove A, will fire from the rail and try to wire the other seven and considering the other seven, he just may win that way. We have more to say, though, as we endorse More The Better N. Ross Croghan’s pacer has been first or second four times in five starts and certainly deserves a good look here regardless of whatever room he surrenders from a post-6 start. With him on top of exotics the price will rise no matter who how he shares the tickets. LEVY R8 Ideal Jimmy will have to hurry leaving from post 8 but it is not impossible for his current form to negotiate a strong mile from Yonkers’ cursed spot. After all, look what he is up against—seven others with little to offer in challenges. In front of him is one of our former picks, Don Domingo N who sports a near exact across-the-board record as “Jim.” These two could form a worthy exacta and two-thirds of a triple. For the latter exotic, we’ll add The Downtown Bus. LEVY R10 The crowd will adore Somewhere in LA as he looks for win two in the series. As well, bettors will support Western Fame again, leaving little for the rest. Beware, though, of Gokudo Hanover from the rail. He needs the points in this race to stay afloat another few weeks and will be all out to do so. With a good early spot he may get a perfect trip to fly by the aforementioned two in late stretch and pay a bunch, so take him for price and purpose. H2W Legend Review our choices and follow the wagering at the prescribed track. These are possible contenders we have judged from reviewing races. The horses’ names are listed beneath the name of the track after the date they will be racing. The race in which they are entered (R and race number) follows. If a + is in front of a horse’s name it means it is appearing on the list for the second (and last) time because it failed to win the first time it appeared. An “ae” signals the horse is entered on the also-eligible list. If a horse is listed twice, refer to the entries on the night of the race since a horse may enter in more than one race. Types of wagering on any of the H2W listed horses are based on your judgment. If you have any questions, email us at TwinSpires. H2W LIST Buffalo 4/5/19, Shawnee Beauty R2; Bubeleh Stone R6 4/6/19, +Heaven Rocks R5 Dover 4/4/19, Sweet Sun Daze R2 Freehold 4/5/19, Lulu De Vie R2Latoka R5 4/6/19, +Bettors Pride R12 Hoosier 4/5/19, Glorious Prince R12; Copper R12 4/6/19, +Trotting Grace R2 Meadowlands 4/6/19, Hudsonandbernard R1; Rough Odds R10 Meadows 4/6/19, Kings Beach R1; +Vodka Is Terror R1; Trak R3; Delray Dude R8; +Fast N Victorious R9; Rockefeller Lindy R11 Miami 4/4/19, White Pants Fever R3; +Anarchy Hanover R7; +Centalta Diamond R8 4/5/19, Monticello 4/4/19, _Justwiggleit R2; Dexter Jolt R3; +Rakin It In R4 Mohawk 4/4/19, Just My Shadow R6 Northfield 4/6/19, +Jackie Goldstein R3; Caribbean Moon R4; +Precious Twilight R6; Caviart Scarlett R11; Pinkpolosocks R15 Northville 4/6/19, Flying Fritz R4; Swapportunity R7 Philly 4/4/19, Majestic Presence R9 4/5/19, Winnerup R6 Pocono 4/4/19, +Mister Special T R9 4/6/19, +RU Talkin R3; Rootin Tootin R12 4/7/19, +Mystery Island R2; Wildcat Hilton R6 Pompano 4/7/19, Drachan Hanover R2; Sea Rocky Roll R4; Brookletsjustified R7 4/8/19, +Woo Shark R4; +Rascal Flatter R4 Saratoga 4/6/19, Pantheon Hanover R3; Macherati R4; Artful Way R6; Bet On Success R7 Western Fair 4/5/19, Saulsbrook Bailey R5 Yonkers 4/5/19, +Sometimesawinner R1; +Wishy Washy Girl R3; +Queen Lostris N R6; +Quite A Delight N R11