One more leg of Yonkers Raceway 2019 George Morton Levy and Blue Chip Matchmaker series and its on to the finals, April 20. Meanwhile, three-year-olds are becoming involved with local series, getting exposure and experience. We are adding some of the “leg” action from series to our features for bettors to explore and, hopefully, sensationalize upon. An April special for Hoosier Park bettors—Gait Insurance, Hi-5 Bonus are extra features. TwinSpires exclusive harness horses-to-watch (H2W) list always offers potential contenders at overnights as we follow these potential payers even when they ship from track to track. Do your own handicapping and then consider our H2W selections. Consult the H2W for all of your harness action. HOOSIER HIGH-5 BONUS Hoosier / R12 Thursday, April 11 Race 12 offers a High-5 pool, which bettors can take advantage of with a TwinSpires Hi-5 Bonus. Here is some help from our “Never-Ending Catalogue” of H2W. Horses are listed in post-position order. Darbie’s Dragon comes from the Jeff Cullipher barn, where earning checks at Hoosier is second nature and this one’s second try of the season could be the charm. Real Super starts the season and attracts a trio of drivers requesting a ride, a good sign. Passionate Deo had a race, returns for the Macombers with promise to earn. Fox Valley Minka, Illinois bred, has raced with better and may once again with a good showing here. Dojea Rita has earned the most in the field with a place and two shows this season, which is a fine resume considering the lot. MIAMI SERIES The James Hackett Memorial Series hosts soph-filly pacers in this series with $15,000 division legs. There are two on April 12, featuring some fillies we may see on the Grand Circuit this season from brand trainers. Race 6 on the program offers a division with eight gals, four making their first starts at three. Two have won their first starts and are bound to be favorites. We lean into the Brian Brown-trained Final Offer, making her debut in a champ’s barn. Brown should have her ready for a sharp debut putting her in this series and she should pay a fair winning price if she is great out of the gate. Another eight go in Race 8’s division. Brown has two in here, both starting their soph seasons. Ron Burke has two, also, and his Avaline Hanover should attract win dollars. Brown’s best looks to be High Reward, from the rail but the true danger here is Heythere Lisamarie, A place finish in her first start is a flare that she is sharp and she will go off a fair price against the Burke and Brown brigades. MATCHMAKER FIRES V Matchmaker R5 April 12’s trio of divisions is the last set of the series. Division one offers six pacing mares, most needing a good showing in order to make the final. Leading them is Delightfulmemphisn, who could get there from previous success. She has won five of 10 starts. On paper she can be her only reason for losing. Tony Alagna’s Seaswift Joy N has also won 50 percent of her starts this season but needs to take this in order to move into the last field. A decent price could be in the offering, especially if the crowd supports Camera Lady, a Ron Burke horse also in need of data to come back next week, leaving from the rail. Seaswift Joy N works as a win bet and in exotics using the other two mentioned. Matchmaker R7 Seven mares battle in this division, its leader the obvious Feelin Red Hot. Five of her foes here have not won a race this year. Only the post-8 weighted Write Me A Song has a single win. “Red” overwhelms this group in the series (she is the sole mare to beat Shartin N in a division). Kaitlyn N must win to justify an appearance next week and has raced well enough to do so, though she has not been able to take Red on any occasion. These two, one way or another, should dominate the first two finishing spots. Matchmaker R9 The desperate seven, so to speak, make up the last division. Shartin N takes the week off, guaranteed a spot in the final and without doubt bound to be the favorite, so Apple Bottom Jeans is the default choice and probable favorite here. This is a poor field otherwise, leaving it open for an upset. Our candidate for the surprise is Shezza Grip N. For price and purpose, “Grip” could get the trip, so to speak, sitting behind “Apple” and edging that one at the wire. WIGGLING SOPHS The Meadowlands is offering sophomores a series in which they may debut their season. It’s called the Wiggle It Jiggle It, and on April 12 there are three $15,000 divisions for pacers marking leg two. In the first division eight go to the gate, led by four-for-four-winning Dealer’s Edge. He comes from the Midwest under the tutelage of Jeff Cullipher. Two others have raced as many times, with Roland Ontheriver at two for four and Stone Hanover one for four. Here may be a chance to pick up a good price on a Burke horse, World On Edge. He has won one for one and has everything to gain going all out in this. In division two Burke sends three of eight, led by Sugartown, likely a top public choice. We offer good chances for Ode To Gray from productive trainer Harry Landy. This is his fourth effort this season and a good spot to get his first win at three. In the “Wiggle” nightcap, eight more look to make the final. Three more from Burke are in the field but it seems certain that all eyes and most money will be on Goldberg. From the House of Teague, which brought us the series’ namesake, Goldberg has already showed his frosh stuff and at three is two wins for four starts and the top earner and speedster on the menu. Nancy Johansson’s JK Captain Jack could be an overlay against these. He has won one for two at three already and is highly regarded coming into his soph campaign. If he lives up to his regard, this could be the best price you get on him for a while this season. COLTS CONSPIRE Saturday afternoon, April 13, at the Meadows features the first leg of the Tom Kirwan Memorial Series for soph-colt pacers. There are two divisions for $15,000 each. Doctor Jimmy, a Brian Brown-trained colt already boosting his win column, leads division one. Burke sends two from his herd of trainees at two and three, while the other three are local. The outsider worthy of a look here is Doc’s Hooligan. He has shown speed that can compare with Burke’s high-fashioned colts and that could be enough to accept odds that will be fair considering his actual chances. The other division completes the Daily Double. Another duo from Burke will get lots of attention, more than we care to join backing. Our money is on Captain Hill. A winner of two of three already, with a smooth gait that is fast and could be going faster, the Paul Corey-trained colt can win this hands down at a price. G. M. LEVY LEAGUE V Saturday, April 13, older male pacers are featured in leg five George Morton Levy Series divisions offering $50,000 each. Levy R6 These four divisions of the last leg are clearing houses for spots in the big finale. Division one has eight going, led by probable favorite Don Domingo N. The Hudson-on-the-Hudson property has been disappointing but no more than the rest here. His earnings may make him favored but the overall poorness of the group also makes upsets possible. We see a scenario for a coup from Beckhams Z Tam. Thrice he has been the best man in a field, winning once. That’s four times on the board in six starts, a convincing argument for him to excel against these lightweights. Levy R7 Eight more on the cusp of being “also paced” in the series to in round two. The public will give it to Imarocnrollegend N, who looked awesome at the start of the series but deflated as the weeks passed. This is more competitive than the first episode, with good arguments for most involved to do well. We support our choice from last week, Gokudo Hanover, who was second at 6-1 and may go off as high this week. LEVY R9 Western Fame has been perfect this series and will get the public’s nod here as he has in each winning division over the five-week run. Sharing top spots should be More The Better N with five of six starts in the money and Rodeo Rock, with four of four on the board. The latter is in a great spot to pull this off and with fair odds, so we will go for him. LEVY R10 Ideal Jimmy was a step too late last week with a bad post and a better trip from The Wall but he is still much the best over these and everyone who’ll bet knows it. Still, Anythingbutlove A won’t make it easy for him and Somewhere In LA, along with Rockin Ron, could make this a sad speed duel that opens the stretch to an outsider. If you like that longshot scenario, take a spin with Ballerat Boomerang. The Nick Surick stable has been abundant with earners and this one has contributed, though not in the series. Certainly the possibility of an upset looms with a speedy adventure that gives “Boomerang” the round trip to the winner’s circle. H2W Legend Review our choices and follow the wagering at the prescribed track. These are possible contenders we have judged from reviewing races. The horses’ names are listed beneath the name of the track after the date they will be racing. The race in which they are entered (R and race number) follows. If a + is in front of a horse’s name it means it is appearing on the list for the second (and last) time because it failed to win the first time it appeared. An “ae” signals the horse is entered on the also-eligible list. If a horse is listed twice, refer to the entries on the night of the race since a horse may enter in more than one race. Types of wagering on any of the H2W listed horses are based on your judgment. If you have any questions, email us at TwinSpires. H2W LIST Buffalo 4/12/19, +Shawnee Beauty R2; Tiki Taka R5 4/13/19, +Bubeleh Stone R2; This Baby Rocks R2; +For A Better Time R11 Cal Expo 4/12/19, Gran San R11 4/13/19, Regina Beach R3; Legio X Equestris R6; +Stylemaster R10 Flamboro 4/11/19, +Saulsbrook Bailey R10 Freehold 4/13/19, Black Dan R3; Ursis Des Caillous R6; Bright Future R8 Harrington 4/15/19, Ponderingjacksfame R3; Own It R4; Tiger Baron R6 Hoosier 4/11/19, Incredible Show R4 4/12/19, +Rockys Z Tam R3; +Glorious Prince R6; +Copper R6; BC Octane R11; +Great Moves R14; Uncle Si ae R14 Meadowlands 4/13/19, _Lulu De Vie R1; +Blood Line R2 Meadows 4/13/19, Roll N Catch R5; +Delray Dude R7; +Kings Beach R9 Miami 4/12/19, Uncle Si ae R5; Total Sin R13 4/13/19, Fort Kent R7; Franzo R12; Stonehouse Adam R13 Monticello 4/11/19, Ironbarbassy R4; Beach Jumper R7 Mohawk 4/11/19, Warrawee Ulla R1 4/12/19, On The Minute Mark R7 Northfield 4/13/19, +Caribbean Moon R1; Allthatjazz DeVie R10; +Pinkpolosocks R10; Belles Delight R10; Beautiful Artist R12; Godiva Seelster R14; +Caviart Scarlett R14 Northville 4/12/19, +Flying Fritz R3; Atlantic Star R3 4/13/19, +Swapportunity R8 Philly 4/11/19, Chiplosive R3; +Majestic Presence R5; Dw’blissfulthinkn R8 4/12/19, Checkers Past R11 4/14/19, +Jerrytone R13 Plainridge 4/11/19, Cant Touch Him R4; +Rocco R7; Stoneridge Honey R8 4/12/19, I Am A Summer R3 Pocono 4/13/19, Hitman Hill R1; A And C Artist R2; Logan Hanover R6; Spanish Art R8 Pompano 4/14/19, +Sea Rocky Roll R4; +Brookletsjustified R4; +Drachan Hanover R7 Saratoga 4/13/19, +Pantheon Hanover R1; +Macherati R4 Scarborough 4/13/19, Quint Largo R7 4/14/19, Three Day Forecast R8 Western Fair 4/12/19, Jooner R5 Yonkers 4/12/19, Muscle Ave R2; Juxta Cowgirl R10 4/13/19, Mach N Cheese R12