Winners were popping up in local features and on the horses-to-watch (H2W) list. Here’s the success and failure rundown from our covered features: Thursday, April 11 Our Power Plays for the Hoosier Hi-5 (TwinSpires Bonus) presented two of the horses in the quintet, including the winner, Dojea Rita ($6.20, $3.20, $2.40) and the third finisher, Passionate Deo ($6.60). Our three other contenders, Fox Valley Minka (7-1), Darbie’s Dragon (incorrectly listed as Darbie’s Charm by us, apologies [34-1]), and Real Super (28-1) finished sixth, eighth and 10th, respectively. Watch for fresh Hoosier picks and bettors’ deals in the upcoming preview blog; Friday, April 12, It was no feat but we nailed the trio of Matchmaker winners and one cold exacta in the series’ last leg. There was no show betting or a triple in the first division, where we had all three top finishers: Seaswift Joy N ($2.60, $2.10 n/s); Camera Lady ($2.80); with Delightfulmemphisn (n/s) third. The exacta came back $6.20. One of the best win prices of the series was ours in division two, with Kaitlyn N ($9.00, $2.70, $2.40) defeating Feelin Red Hot ($2.10, $2.10) for an exacta worth $13.80. In the last prelim before the final next week, we had Apple Bottom Jeans ($2.60, $2.10 n/s), though our upset contender, Sheeza Grip N (9-1), finished sixth. In Miami’s “Hackett” series elim, we were third in the first of the two divisions with Final Offer ($3.80) as the favorite won. In the other split the second choice won and our contender, Heythere Lisamarie (17-1) broke stride. She finished seventh. In the Meadowlands Wiggle It Jiggle It series for sophs, we won the third division and got a great price (because bettors shied from the unknown driver) winning with JK Captain Jack ($13.20, $8.80, $3.80). In the first division, our choice, World On Edge (2-1) was beaten by a 6-1 shot and in the second division we backed Ode To Gray (28-1), who broke and was eliminated as the public’s second choice won. Saturday, April 13 Afternoon at the Meadows left us with one for two in a pair of divisions from a local series for sophomores. We won with Doc’s Hooligan ($12.60, $5.00, $3.20) and we were second to the public’s second choice with Captain Hill ($6.20, $2.40). The Levy series’ last leg offerings produced no winners but some placing and an exacta partner among the desperate fields looking to get into next week’s final. Our exotic addition included Rodeo Rock ($2.90, n/s) for a measly $5.40 pay off. We were also second with Ballerat Boomerng ($5.70, $3.60). Other than that we were shut out with Don Domingo (3-1) finishing fourth, Beckhams Z Tam (7-1) sixth, and Gokudo hanover (15-1) eighth. H2W LIST RESULTS The H2W results list across-the-board prices. Also, exactas listed are included when a H2W horse finishes second with a race favorite or the first two finishers making up the exacta are H2W horses (an asterisk appears when both horses were listed to complete a cold exacta). The note “ok” determines that prices published are correct even when a show price exceeds a place price or any or all of the prices are the same. This week, there were 72 active horses (a 19-percent win hit rate and a 46-percent ATB [across-the-board] hit rate). Please note that some H2W results reflect win, place, show and exotic results occurring by press time but some horses race after the blog is posted (we list them the following weeks) It is up to you to follow horses that have not performed before this weekly review. Winners Delray Dude, $37.40, $12.40, $5.40, Meadows Hitman Hill, $24.60, $19.40, $3.60, Pocono Blood Line, $18.00, $5.20, $3.60, Meadowlands Ask Me Ifi Care, $11.20, $2.20, $2.40 ok, Pompano Ursis Des Caillons, $10.60, $5.00, $7.00 ok, Freehold Mach N Cheese, $6.80, $3.80, $2.50, Yonkers Incredible Show, $6.20, $3.40, $2.10, Hoosier Jay Jay, $5.60, $3.60, $3.00, Pompano Bright Future, $5.40, $3.00, $2.80, Freehold White Pants Fever, $4.80, $2.40, $2.20, Miami Pantheon Hanover, $3.40, $2.70, $2.20, Saratoga Majestic Presence, $3.00, $2.20, $2.10, Philly Bam Bella, $2.70, $2.40, $2.60 ok, Yonkers Swapportunity, $2.60, $2.60, $2.40, Northville Seconds Flipping Fun, $41.40, $12.20, (Exacta $131.20), Pocono Dw’sblissfulthinkn, $14.80, $6.00, Yonkers Florishing Future, $14.00, $4.20 (Exacta $22.40), Hoosier Caribbean Moon, $6.40, $3.20, Northfield Pinkpolosocks, $5.40, $4.40, Northfield Stoneridge Honey, $5.40, $3.00, Plainridge Chiplosive, $5.00, $2.40 (Exacta $10.20), Philly Rockys Z Tam, $4.20, $3.40, Hoosier Macherati, $4.10, $2.70, Saratoga Stonehhouse Adam, $3.80, $3.40 (Exacta $26.40), Miami Godiva Seelster, $2.60, $2.20, Northfield Atlantic Star, $2.10, $2.10, Northville Thirds Lulu De Vie, $6.40, Meadowlands Quint Largo, $6.40, Scarborough Rocco, $5.40, Plainridge Brookletsjustified, $3.60, Pompano Copper, $3.00, Hoosier Beach Jumper, $2.30, Monticello For A Better Time, $2.20, Buffalo News & Notes At Philly on April 12, bettors of Tim Tetrick were saved from a flat-bet loss when Tim pulled off a 10-1 winner in the 12 races where he had drives. Tim made industry headlines winning five of his dozen drives, but without a $22.40 winner, bettors would have lost money since his other four scores were among favorites. With the upset, Tim’s winners totaled $37.70 while costing $24.00 to play. Rarely does Tetrick deliver as a flat-bet profit without a saving-grace upset, since more times than not he gets strong horses to drive or bettors weigh him as a more important handicapping factor than the horse. Officials with the Hambletonian Society announced that the contested finish in the final heat of the 2017 Hambletonian is resolved. The race caused two judges’ inquiries, resulting in a disqualification. The winner, What The Hill, was placed out of the money, making Hambletonian history. The NJ Racing Commission finalized the appeal of the judges’ decision. Bettors following TwinSpires live harness coverage from the Meadowlands that day were handed the horse placed first, Perfect Spirit, before the DQ and were rewarded with a 7-1 win We are sorry to say we did not offer a 149-1 winner at Freehold on April 12. However, it was a difficult forecast considering how the longshot won. The conditioned trot began with two breakers at the start. Neither caused any specific traffic, nor did they engage in a return to the mile after their mistakes. Then, the remaining field of six saw the favorite rush to the top with some urging, only to be headed and duel into the final turn. A perfect, second-over trip created the path for O U Sexy Guy to benefit from the other incidents. He paid $300.80 to win. Congrats to those who saw something in the horse to make a win bet because the development of the race was impossible to predict. Thursday, April 11, at Woodbine-Mohawk (WoMo), Courtly Choice, 2018 Meadowlands Pace, Little Brown Jug winner and moneymaker for TwinSpires’ harness blog readers during the season, make his four-year-old charted debut in a qualifier. Courtly Choice took to the track at WoMo’s qualifying session. The Blake MacIntosh trainee came home with a :26.4 final panel, winning in 1:53. Connections said the plan is to bring him back to WoMo for another race before his 2019 pari-mutuel debut, which will come in the first Graduate leg on May 4 at the Meadowlands. Extraordinary Extras Indulge in my monthly columns, Alternative Actions and Bettors Banquet at Harness Racing Update