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The Green Manalushi S Mile? Colt Poised For Profit In ‘Beal’ Final At Pocono; New York Sires Stakes Colts Hope For Spoils To Go To ‘Vicktor’


The letter (e) notes a Hambletonian-eligible horse.

On June 25 at Yonkers, glamour-boy trotters are featured in with two of the three New York Sires Stakes (NYSS) events on the betting program. These events are the perfect overtures for the most exciting Earl Beal Jr. Final at Pocono in a decade four days later.

Six are on the attack in the first of the betting duo, worth $54,833. Certainly bound for favoritism among the six is Winnerup, but the eligible trio have to be able to beat him to move into serious competition in August and an edge for Chapter Fashion (e).

Of the three on target for the classic, the Jim Campbell-trained Chapter Fashion has the best all-around stats and will not be as well supported as Trond’s colt. Lights Come On (e) and Livinonthedash (e) may have already convinced their connections that the Hambo will remain a dream.

The second NYSS, though open for wagering, is a bettor’s judgment call, since Mr Vicktor (e) rides again. He will be the favorite, he leaves from the coveted Yonkers rail and his bankroll already dwarfs the earnings of the other six.


Trainer Marcus Melander is in a unique position—three of his colts look dominant among 2019’s sophomore trotting division members to the extent that between them they could pull off a record sweep of all the major stakes left.

Two of Melander’s monsters are in the field of the Earl Beal, Jr Final at Pocono Downs on Saturday, June 29. They are each winners of the event’s elims.

Greenshoe (e) is, at the moment, the colt with the broadest spotlight and most likely the shortest price in the “Beal” final at Pocono on Sun Stakes night, June 29. His major nemesis is Melander’s Green Manalushi S (e).

How good are these two? As measured by the competition in this event alone, the Melanderers [sic] seem to tower above the likes of colts that in many seasons could have dominated on their own.

Summit In Sight (e) has turned into a top property for Julie Miller. He has helped dowse the projected fury of Swandre The Giant (e), the so-called scourge of the Midwest predicted to swarm the division en route to the August classic. Osterc has maintained a strong presence after winning The Dexter Cup, an act which revitalized the importance of the season’s first glamour-boy test and kept the name of “Takter” in the mix of top contenders.

All of that noted without a mention of the third Melanderer—Gimpanzee (e), who is not in this week’s Beal but looms boldly as summer arrives.

Bettors beware. Even in the cluster of talented trotters the fickle public will circle their wagering wagons around Greenshoe, heightened by their need to anoint a single king among kings because that is the way of the masses. That group madness, that common cause of the majority, could create the perfect betting situation.

Green Manalushi S may turn out to be the best bet in the holy trotting trinity. As the public pays its tribute to Greenshoe and sacrifices its bankroll across the board, the other “Green” giant could set the Pocono Pike afire or find a faster lane on the outside late, while Greenshoe is finally asked to turn a challenger away.

Green Manalushi S will offer value in the Beal, and if he topples his stable mate he will maintain value come the next stakes story along the trail; because Greenshoe fans won’t dismiss their hero for losing a single race (it could be close at Pocono). Plus, they will side with Greenshoe when the other Melanderer—Gimpanzee—enters a field with his homies [sic].

The Beal bet to win is placing the green on Green Manalushi S over the favorite Greenshoe and trust a scenario also exists for a chance Greenshoe is nosed for second. This opens the faucet for overflowing exactas using Osterc and Marseille.

Hambletonian Trail
June 25

1. Green Manalushi S
2. Greenshoe
3. Gimpanzee
4. Osterc
5. Mr. Vicktor
6. Summit In Sight
7. Pilot Discretion
8. Forbidden Trade
9. Marseille
10. Swandre The Giant

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