Racing to the Breeders Crown, class affairs on the Grand Circuit continue in Canada. We’re on ‘em. Back in the USA, Scioto presents its six-digit seasonal memorials. Star-studded harness racing and solid wagering opportunities from the stars to the workhorses are featured and included in TwinSpires’ horses-to-watch (H2W) list. GLAMOUR INDIES A pair of $46,000 Indiana Sires Stakes (INSS) for soph-colt trotters, the sixth leg, has two divisions on the Sept. 5 program at Hoosier. The INSS series for soph-colt trotters has whittled down to a few of the highest earners, one that has not won a single event (Trump This). Atop the small field are the financial accomplishments of Martini Show and Sign Here N Here. We will support DG’s Caviar, who is six wins for seven starts and able for this class though he has made less than the top pair. Another sextet goes to the gate in the second INSS. Swandre The Giant, the undisputed leader of the division, is expected to rule unchallenged for the rest of the season. Why not? He is a rare Indiana-bred to make it to the Hambletonian and has towered over his local foes at two and three. The prowess of It’s A Herbie, however, cannot be denied this late in the season. Choosing a winner between them is not even a matter of odds in such a short field; you can shoot for the upset with underlay Swan On A Mission, or pass. SHORT BUT SWEET New York Sires Stakes (NYSS) for soph-filly trotters presents two five-horse fields, $80k divisions, on Sept.5 at Yonkers. Undoubtedly the obvious crowd pleaser, Quincy Blue Chip should send pennies into the hands of backers in the first split. You could predict the top three public choices by their earnings but the most impressive is Stella Jane. She is third in earnings with only a single win in 11 starts. She could make it two for a dozen here at a price. The next NYSS has no standout, though fans of Winndevie might argue that Trond Smedshammer’s filly has raced as well as any “Oaks” participant, even though she restricted her campaign to NYSS. We have a particular fancy with Anette Lorentzon’s barn these days, so we are going to back Gobi Princess, whose time to shine in the series has arrived. THE GREENSHOE SHOW Certainly one of the most followed soph-colt trotters in some time, Marcus Melander’s Greenshoe visits The Red Mile for a meager $30,000 race, a Kentucky Sires Stakes (KYSS) division on Sept. 5. Why? Perhaps it is better to keep him race-sharp, especially since his foes in Kentucky make the race look like a qualifier. We would be remiss not to mention this KYSS, since he traveled south instead of north, where the Grand Circuit stars are spending two weeks. We have no information why he is here and not there. As for betting him in this event, you can only entertain an exotic with a Greenshoe key to win—and even then, do not expect a large return. (For other KYSS choices, check the H2W.) SIMCOE GRANDS On Sept. 6 at WoMo, the first Simcoe is for soph-filly trotters and it could be a betting riot for When Dovescry—if she is allowed to race. Last time at WoMo there were complications in that she was listed to race regardless of issues WoMo has with its connections. Regardless, let’s beat her, or just the rest should she not be here, with Southwind Casha. She could be considered because she has been improving and could pay better than the obvious one or two that leave the gate. In the second of the duo we will go back to Bright Eyes M. She finished fourth for us in the Casual Breeze episode. We liked her in that race, moving much better than her 24-1 status predicted. Nine are aloft in the $174k Simcoe for glamour-boy trotters. It is tough to go against Green Manalishi S in this, his first race since the Hambletonian. He is still a bet-back and considering the competition looks like a lock, making a low price worthy, at least, using him as a key for exotics. The only problem is the fight for second is a crap shoot. WELLWOOD ROW Also on Sept. 6, frosh-colt trotters work for berths in the William Wellwood Final next week. Two $30k elims are on tap here. The first chapter offers seven well-bred youngsters. Luc Blais’s Port Perry is going strongly so far, eyeing this prize en route to the Breeders Crown. The only Kadabra colt in this division won’t go unnoticed but may not be hammered considering there are three Muscle Hill boys behind the gate. Next, seven more grace the ground behind the gate. A bet-back from the first Saturday in August is Capricornus. The Marcus Melander colt was among the hopeless colts chasing Real Cool Sam at the Meadowlands and was not shamed in the process. Synergy is a good exotic partner, a top earner so far. CAPTAIN CRUNCHED Only one of a quartet of Pennsylvania Sires Stakes finals on Sept. 7 at the Meadows interest us. The $253k soph-colt pace has some fine wagering potentials, one of them being another defeat for highly supported Captain Crunch. Even though he is on the downswing, it is hard to predict he won’t be wagered upon with fervor. Adios-winner Southwind Ozzi, though, could get challenging wager attention at his home track, maybe more than “Crunchy,” in this effort. Also collecting support will be Workin Ona Mystery and Captain Victorious. That leaves a vagrant colt for an upset, a Little Brown Jug eligible that is licking his equine lips for “Jug” fame, especially now with Bettor’s Wish out and Crunchy uncertain. He is Wild Wild Western and he has been wild to collect purse pieces in his 18 starts. Fifteen of them are cash-worthy; 39 percent of them are win-worthy. In an historic sense, he is just the kind of colt that could rifle a Jug win over better horses. Draw! GRAND CIRCUIT SETS Sept. 7 at WoMo presents more Champlain and Simcoe action, starting with the former offering a pair of $94k splits for frosh-filly pacers. The first of the duo belongs to Karma Seelster. She is sharp and being carefully guided to a Breeders Crown start. She is in easy here, too, with only five others, none as rich, to beat. The second Champlain for the green gals is not so simple. Tony Alagna’s Sweet Lou filly, Lady Lou, may get favorite status. Hankering to make some noise in the division is Nancy Johansson’s Peaky Sneaky, and this could be the race that causes such clamour. The first frosh-colt pace Champlain ($89k) also looks at a Canadian contribution to the top five in the division with YS Mathis. He has already cashed significantly coming into the Grand Circuit and has aspirations to return to WoMo in the Breeders Crown. The second frosh-colt Champlain is a slam-dunk for us, using Capt Midnight A single Simcoe for soph-filly pacers ($168k) will have bettors concentrating on Tall Drink Hanover. We, on the other hand, will pour our money elsewhere, like on Sunny Dee. Her prowess is peaking as her bankroll increases. SCIOTO SERENADE Aside from Ohio Sires Stakes consolations (see H2W and Breeders Crown Countdown), two of Scioto’s trademark events take place on Sept. 7. The $220,000 Charlie Hill Memorial brings together national star older trotters, currently on tour beyond the boundaries of the Grand Circuit. Nine of them are here, led by the streaking Guardian Angel AS. Anette Lorentzon’s tough trotter has been too good too often recently. Regardless, we cannot shy away from Atlanta. The champion gal has settled for second too often recently (sound familiar?) to “Angel,” and should be looking to dominate this field by racing like she did before her awful break three back. Now under Ron Burke’s control, he kept her from Hambo-day racing, perhaps, because he knew that she was getting into a “tired spell,” which showed itself after she took a short vacation. But recently she has only Angel to deal with and has been working herself back into the kind of condition that could beat a field like this without losing a breath. As a second choice to Angel she is a good bet—and to find exactas with her on top and Angel third or worse is to cash a bunch. The $440,000 Jim Ewart Memorial brings back the cast of last week’s Canadian Pacing Derby, mostly. We hope that those not correctly evaluating that race will now pile their bets on Courtly Choice. He took full advantage of the early licks in that event, them being the exhausting first half ruining Lather Up and Jimmy Freight, as well as the bad trip McWicked could not handle to get into the late action. Lather Up should be cooking hot when it counts in this mile, as Jimmy Freight soars to the top from his rail post. Filibuster Hanover could ruin it for “Jimmy” in a duel. Price-wise, though, McWicked is in the perfect spot to get some trip relief if the others do some extra-speedy fractions because McWicked with a trip should look more like the 2018 Horse of the Year, having the best strides with a lung full of air that takes our breaths away and pays off better than anyone would expect. H2W Legend Review our choices and follow the wagering at the prescribed track. These are possible contenders we have judged from reviewing races. The horses’ names are listed beneath the name of the track after the date they will be racing. The race in which they are entered (R and race number) follows. If a + is in front of a horse’s name it means it is appearing on the list for the second (and last) time because it failed to win the first time it appeared. An “ae” signals the horse is entered on the also-eligible list. If a horse is listed twice, refer to the entries on the night of the race since a horse may enter in more than one race. Types of wagering on any of the H2W listed horses are based on your judgment. If you have any questions, email us at TwinSpires. H2W LIST Batavia 9/6/19, Arnold R2 Freehold 9/6/19, +Sweet Moves R7; Petal To The Metal R7; Jeramaya R9 Hawthorne 9/6/19, +Et Tu Brute R6 Hoosier 9/6/19, Backup A R1; Strong Playin King R4; Blakemore R10 Meadows 9/7/19, Mister Virgin R1; +Millies Possesion R6; +Avalanche Hanover R7; +Marseille R8 Monticello 9/5/19, Barn Beast R5 9/6/19, Lucky Leonard R3; Dr Snow R4 Northfield 9/6/19, +Togetherforever R3; St Lads Banshee R4; Faith Prevails R12 Plainridge 9/5/19, Dimes Make Dollars R1; +Muscles Jared R4; Iced Out R11 9/6/19, Motown Hall R2 Philly 9/6/19, +Ponder The Odds R14 9/8/19, Rome Pays Off R3; Real Cool Sam R9; Sherry Lyns Lady R11; Cattlewash R12 Red Mile 9/5/19, Strip It Down AS R1; Greenshoe R2; +French Café R3; +Don’t Let’em R4 9/7/19, +Shipshape R1 Saratoga 9/7/19, Santanna One R3; Wood Hunter R9 Scioto 9/5/19, +Belles Delight R1 9/7/19, +Shes Got Bling R7; Homer Hall R8; Bad Sammie R9; Clarebear R11; +Lean Hanover R15 Tioga 9/6/19, +Watchwhatmyfeetdo R2; +Melanies Fran R11; Major No No R11 9/7/19, Hes A Love Shark R13 Vernon 9/7/19, O’brockoli R6; Hands Off Frank R8 Yonkers 9/5/19, +EV’s Girl R3 9/6/19, Big Turn On R1; Majestic Moment N R10; Southwind Cruze R10 9/7/19, Pacing Major N R5 9/9/19, Millwood Bonnie N R1