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Do you love playing slot games online? We’ve got hundreds of the best and most exciting slot games at TwinSpires Casino. From the latest video slots, with amazing graphics, sound, and gameplay, to classic slots that excited you for years, there’s always something different to try.

The latest slots are packed with new and exciting features, taking you on a thrilling roller-coaster journey as you seek out mega payouts.

Try low or high volatility games, slots with jackpots worth hundreds of thousands of dollars – and even play for free if you prefer to see how a game works before risking a cent.


Slot Games Grouped by Features

Different types of slots games feature on our main casino page alongside other traditional casino games. They are in groups to make choosing your desired game a breeze, here is what you will find:


TwinSpires Casino staff picks of the best of the featured action available right now. It’s a mouth-watering selection of slots or table game fun, including new slots and popular choices.

All Slots

Enlarge this section to show every slot game we offer. There are hundreds of them, so we hope you have a minute.


Play the slots you’re likely to find in any glittering Las Vegas casino, all from the comfort of your own home.

High Limit

Some of our slot games suit deeper pockets, allowing you to bet more on each spin. The bigger the bet, the more you might win.


If you’re after a mega prize, then try the jackpot slots. Each time someone plays on them, the jackpot prize increases – and keeps increasing until one lucky player scoops the lot.


If you long for the old days of mechanized slot games, with each reel rumbling around before juddering to a halt, steppers will be your thing. They have that nostalgic look and feel.


Some slot games don’t need you to line your ducks up in a row. Ways slots offer multiple ways to win simply by landing the required symbols anywhere on each of the reels.

Free Spins

These slots offer the free spins feature, where you can sit back and watch the prizes roll in without spending a cent.

Wheel Bonus

Slots with a choice of features determined by the spin of a wheel.

Bonus Features

If you’re looking for slot games that offer exciting and potentially lucrative bonus games, try these.

Volatile Payouts

Some slots payout more significant amounts but on fewer occasions. So, if you’re happy to wait for bigger bucks, rather than regular smaller payouts, here’s a selection of games for you.


Symbols not lining up to make a winning line? Then play with scatter symbols, which can rack up prize money no matter where they land.


A slot that has a wild symbol feature, meaning wherever it lands, it can substitute for another. It’s a great way to boost your chances of making a winning line.

Slot Game Themes at TwinSpires Casino

We have all the traditional slot game themes you demand so that there is always plenty of choice for everyone.

Around the World

Be whisked away on a journey to a faraway land with a range of slot games themed on places like Ancient Egypt, the Far East, or Hawaii.


Some slot games last the test of time and have become classics in the casino world. Find them here and see just why they have such everlasting appeal.


Who doesn’t love cute things? In the slots world, there are plenty of cute games to enjoy, each featuring lovable characters and gameplay.


If you love fantasy books, games, or movies, this is your ideal slot selection. Step into a whole new imaginary world while spinning the reels for cash.

Music and Movies

Some of the best slot games are franchises from the world of movies, TV, and music. The Jumanji slot is hugely popular, for instance, while wildman rocker Ozzy Osbourne now has his own video slot game.

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