Game King Video Poker

Video poker, one of the most enduring casino games in the United States, is now online at TwinSpires Casino. Test your poker skills on the hugely popular Game King video poker series of games, just like the ones you love at live casinos.

Based on the simple five-card draw format, you spin the five reels and then select which cards to hold for the redraw in the hope of making a winning poker hand. The game’s easy and fast pace, plus the promise of regular payouts explains why experienced players and novices love it in equal measure.

Game King, brought to you by IGT, is the only name that matters in video poker. All the games benefit from the look, feel and sound of those you may have experienced in a casino.

What you can win depends on the format of video poker you are playing. We have nine exciting games to choose from, as follows:

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is the best-known version of video poker. After the draw, you need only make a pair of jacks or better to win some money back. Your prize goes up the better the poker hand you make, with two pair the next highest, then three of a kind – all the way through the poker rankings to a royal flush.

Bonus Poker

Jacks or Better is a low volatility game, with regular, low payouts. In Bonus Poker, you get a higher payout from hitting four of a kind with twos, threes and fours, and even higher with aces. However, no casino is just going to give away more prizes, so the flip side of this coin is that your winnings for other hands will be slightly lower.

Bonus Poker Deluxe

This variation of the game takes Bonus Poker and adds some extra cream. Now, you get the higher-level wins on all four-of-a-kind hands, not just the aces to fours. Expect a slightly less generous paytable for other hands to make up for this.

Double Bonus Poker

Yet another variation of the Jacks or Better format, this Double Bonus game shows bigger wins on all four of a kind hands – and a bumper win for four aces.

Double Double Bonus Poker

Is the naming convention for these video poker variations beginning to emerge? Yep, after the Bonus Poker, and Double Bonus Poker, next is the Double Double Bonus Poker! In this variation, you get a bigger payout when your four of a kind with aces to fours has an ace-to-four kicker or fifth card. Payouts on the more regular flushes are reduced to make up for the four-of-a-kind bonus.

Triple Double Bonus Poker

Triple Double Bonus Poker is the king of Game King video poker Jacks or Better variations. If you land four of a kind aces with a 2, 3 or 4 kicker, you get the maximum return, as much as you would for an elusive royal flush.

Deuces Wild

In this whacky version of video poker, any two you hit acts as a wild card, meaning it can be any card you want. It makes it a whole lot easier to make a winning poker hand but there is a catch – the paytable is not as generous as traditional Jacks or Better.

Deuces Wild Bonus

Plays just like Bonus Poker but with the Deuces Wild fun and games thrown in – meaning your four of a kind payouts are much higher if you make it with twos, threes or fours, and higher still with aces.

Joker Poker

With Joker Poker, each deck of cards has a single joker, which can act as any card. It’s like the more sensible brother to Deuces Wild, which is effectively like having four jokers.

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