TwinSpires Sportsbook and Casino FAQ

I already use TwinSpires for horse racing wagering, how do I wager on Sports/Online Casino in Michigan?

Once the site is live, you will need to register for a TwinSpires Sportsbook and Casino wagering account.

Can I use my current TwinSpires account and wager at the online Sportsbook/Casino with it?

Due to regulatory requirements, you will need to be re-verified in order to wager with the Sportsbook and Casino games. A separate account must be created for use on the Sportsbook and Casino, and funded separately from your horse racing wallet.

Can I transfer funds from my TwinSpires Horse Racing account to my TwinSpires Sportsbook and Casino account?

You will need to fund your TwinSpires Sportsbook and Casino account separately than your TwinSpires Horse Racing account. Funds cannot be transferred between the two at this time.