Refer-A-Friend FAQ Refer-A-Friend Promotion FAQ

Q: What is’s Refer-A-Friend Program?
A:’s Refer-A-Friend Bonus is an incentive program for members. Members earn $50 for each friend they refer who opens a wagering account and meets the designated criteria.

Q: How do I refer a friend?
A: To refer your friends, simply go to click on “Refer-A-Friend Form”. You will then be directed to the referral page where you can enter the email addresses of your friends. Your friends will be sent a referral email and given a special referral code to enter when they sign up with

Q: What are the rules on spamming?
A:’s referral program is meant to encourage people to introduce the benefits of to their friends. It is not intended to encourage spam. Anyone who is found to have spammed other Internet users in an attempt to gain referral bonuses will lose their Refer-A-Friend privileges. See our Anti-Spam Policy for additional information.

Q: What does my friend need to do for me to receive a Refer-A-Friend Bonus?
A: The steps are as follows:

  • Sign up with
  • Enter the special referral code provided to them in the registration form.
  • Make a minimum initial Deposit of $50 within 30 days of signing up.
  • Wager a minimum of $500 in the first 60 days.

Q: Which of my friends are eligible?
A: To be eligible to receive referral bonus(es) you must be a member of TwinSpires, with an active account. To be eligible to sign-up for TwinSpires, Your friends must be a legal U.S. resident age 21 or older residing in a state that allows online wagering where TwinSpires is available. Referral bonuses will only be paid for those friends which are new TwinSpires account holders and live in households which do not already have, (or previously had) a TwinSpires, Brisbet, TSNbet, or Winticket wagering account.

Q: How can I ensure my friends’ privacy?
A: We are committed to protecting our users’ information. We will use the transaction information only for the purpose of this Refer-A-Friend program and their membership with

Q: When do I receive my credits?
A: You will receive your bonus (es) within 10 business days after your friend (s) complete the criteria as listed above.

Q: What if my friend signs up with a different email address than the one I used for sending the referral email?
A: As long as your friend enters the special referral code when they sign up and meets the criteria, you will receive your $50 credit, even if they sign up with a different email address.

Q: How long will the Refer-A-Friend Program last?
A: The program is for a limited time, so act quickly to take advantage of the cash bonus!