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The Gold Cup Race Facts

  • Location: Ascot Racecourse, Ascot, England
  • Inaugural Race: 1807
  • Distance: 4,014 meters (2.5 miles)
  • Track Type: Turf
  • Age Qualifications: Four Year Olds & Up
  • 2022 Purse: £500,000
  • 2022 Race Date: Thursday, June 16th

2022 Gold Cup Race Results

5Kyprios (IRE)Ryan Moore / Aidan O'Brien$4.30 / $2.30
6Mojo Star (IRE)Rossa Ryan / Richard Hannon$5.00
3Stradivarius (IRE)Frankie Dettori / John & Thady Gosden$2.50
9Burning Victory (FR)William Buick / William Buick
7Tashkhan (IRE)Ben Robinson / Brian Ellison
10Princess Zoe (GER)J. M. Sheridan / Anthony Mullins
8Bubble SmartGerald Mosse / M. Delzangles
1AlignakSaffie Osborne / Jamie Osborne
2Earlofthecotswolds (FR)Liam Keniry / Nigel Twiston-Davies

Exotic Payoffs:

  • $1 Exacta (5-6): $12.60
  • $1 Trifecta (5-6-3): $42.50

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Royal Ascot Gold Cup Race History

There is no more famous race at the Royal Meeting than the Gold Cup, and it has a history to match its prestige. Britain’s most prestigious event for ‘stayers’ was established in 1807, and the Gold Cup is a Group 1 turf race for horses 4-years or older run at Ascot Racecourse over a distance of 4,014 meters (2.5 miles). The race takes place each year in June on day 3 of the Royal Ascot meet, and the Gold Cup stands proudly as the showpiece event of Royal Ascot week and is the world’s premier race for horses that are specialists over long distances.

The Gold Cup is the first leg of Britain’s Stayers’ Triple Crown, followed by the Goodwood Cup and the Doncaster Cup. The last horse to win all three races in the same year was Double Trigger in 1995. From 2006-2009, Yeats won the Gold Cup a record four times for trainer Aiden O’Brien, who has won the race a record seven times himself. Jockey Lester Piggott won the Gold Cup a record 11 times over four decades starting in the late 1950’s.

The reception Irish superstar Yeats received following his record fourth Gold Cup win in 2009 is unforgettable to many, and in 2013 the memorable moment and outpouring of public joy was spectacular when Her Majesty The Queen’s filly Estimate won the Gold Cup. A statue of Irish superstar Yeats stands majestically in the parade ring.

Since 2000, the Ascot Gold Cup has won by three trainers at least twice, Aidan O’Brien (8), Saeed Bin Suroor (3) and Mark Johnston (2). Jockey Jonny Muragh has won the Gold Cup five times since 2000.

When Big Orange held off the late charge of Order of St. George to win the 2017 Gold Cup, he became just the fifth 7-year-old in the last 100 years to win the race. A total of 66 four-year-olds have won since 1900, with the next most Gold Cup victories by 5-year-olds (26).

The magnificent Gold Cup trophy awarded to the owner of the winning horse is one of only three at the Royal meeting that are able to be taken away and kept on a permanent basis, along with those of the Royal Hunt Cup and the Queen’s Vase.

Ascot Gold Cup Past Winners

2022Kyprios (4)Ryan Moore / Aidan O'Brien4:26.52
2021Subjectivist (4)Joe Fanning / Mark Johnston4:20.28
2020Stradivarius (6)Frankie Dettori / John Gosden04:32.7
2019Stradivarius (5)Frankie Dettori / John Gosden04:30.8
2018Stradivarius (4)Frankie Dettori / John Gosden04:21.1
2017Big Orange (6)James Doyle / Michael Bell04:22.4
2016Order of St George (4)Ryan Moore / Aidan O'Brien04:26.2
2015Trip To Paris (4)Graham Lee / Ed Dunlop04:22.6
2014Leading Light (4)Joseph O'Brien / Aidan O'Brien04:21.1
2013Estimate (4)Ryan Moore / Sir Michael Stoute04:20.5
2012Colour Vision (4)Frankie Dettori / Saeed bin Suroor04:42.0
2011Fame and Glory (5)Jamie Spencer / Aidan O'Brien04:37.5
2010Rite of Passage (6)Pat Smullen / Dermot Weld04:16.9
2009Yeats (8)Johnny Murtagh / Aidan O'Brien04:20.7
2008Yeats (7)Johnny Murtagh / Aidan O'Brien04:21.1
2007Yeats (6)Michael Kinane / Aidan O'Brien04:20.8
2006Yeats (5)Kieren Fallon / Aidan O'Brien04:20.4
2005Westerner [e] (6)Olivier Peslier / Élie Lellouche04:19.5
2004Papineau (4)Frankie Dettori / Saeed bin Suroor04:20.9
2003Mr Dinos (4)Kieren Fallon / Paul Cole04:20.1
2002Royal Rebel (6)Johnny Murtagh / Mark Johnston04:25.6
2001Royal Rebel (5)Johnny Murtagh / Mark Johnston04:18.9
2000Kayf Tara (6)Michael Kinane / Saeed bin Suroor04:24.5
1999Enzeli (4)Johnny Murtagh / John Oxx04:18.9
1998Kayf Tara (4)Frankie Dettori / Saeed bin Suroor04:32.4
1997Celeric (5)Pat Eddery / David Morley04:26.2
1996Classic Cliche (4)Michael Kinane / Saeed bin Suroor04:23.2
1995Double Trigger (4)Jason Weaver / Mark Johnston04:20.3
1994Arcadian Heights (6)Michael Hills / Geoff Wragg04:27.7
1993Drum Taps (7)Frankie Dettori / Lord Huntingdon04:32.6
1992Drum Taps (6)Frankie Dettori / Lord Huntingdon04:18.3
1991Indian Queen (6)Walter Swinburn / Lord Huntingdon04:23.9
1990Ashal (4)Richard Hills / Harry Thomson Jones04:28.6
1989Sadeem (6)Willie Carson / Guy Harwood04:22.7
1988Sadeem [d] (5)Greville Starkey / Guy Harwood04:15.7
1987Paean (4)Steve Cauthen / Henry Cecil04:33.3
1986Longboat (5)Willie Carson / Dick Hern04:22.1
1985Gildoran (5)Brent Thomson / Barry Hills04:25.2
1984Gildoran (4)Steve Cauthen / Barry Hills04:18.8
1983Little Wolf (5)Willie Carson / Dick Hern04:24.4
1982Ardross (6)Lester Piggott / Henry Cecil04:35.2
1981Ardross (5)Lester Piggott / Henry Cecil04:51.2
1980Le Moss (5)Joe Mercer / Henry Cecil04:28.4
1979Le Moss (4)Lester Piggott / Henry Cecil04:25.2
1978Shangamuzo (5)Greville Starkey / Michael Stoute04:27.3
1977Sagaro (6)Lester Piggott / François Boutin04:28.3
1976Sagaro (5)Lester Piggott / François Boutin04:26.2
1975Sagaro (4)Lester Piggott / François Boutin04:48.6
1974Ragstone (4)Ron Hutchinson / John Dunlop04:35.0
1973Lassalle (4)Jimmy Lindley / Richard Carver Jr.04:33.5
1972Erimo Hawk [c] (4)Pat Eddery / Geoffrey Barling04:28.7
1971Random Shot [c] (4)Geoff Lewis / Arthur Budgett04:41.4
1970Precipice Wood (4)Jimmy Lindley / Rosemary Lomax04:27.4
1969Levmoss (4)Bill Williamson / Seamus McGrath04:25.6
1968Pardallo (5)Bill Pyers / Mick Bartholomew04:35.8
1967Parbury (4)Joe Mercer / Derek Candy04:36.0
1966Fighting Charlie (5)Greville Starkey / Freddie Maxwell04:34.6
1965Fighting Charlie (4)Lester Piggott / Freddie Maxwell04:34.5
1963Twilight Alley (4)Lester Piggott / Noel Murless04:52.9
1962Balto (4)Freddie Palmer / Max Bonaventure04:48.0
1961Pandofell (4)Lester Piggott / Freddie Maxwell04:30.3
1960Sheshoon (4)George Moore / Alec Head04:28.4
1959Wallaby (4)Freddie Palmer / Percy Carter04:34.0
1958Gladness (5)Lester Piggott / Vincent O'Brien04:30.2
1957Zarathustra (6)Lester Piggott / Cecil Boyd-Rochfort04:23.9
1956Macip (4)Serge Boullenger / Charlie Elliott04:48.8
1955Botticelli (4)Enrico Camici / Enrico della Rocchetta04:29.0
1954Elpenor (4)Jacques Doyasbère / Charlie Elliott04:32.8
1953Souepi (5)Charlie Elliott / George Digby04:35.2
1952Aquino (4)Gordon Richards / Sam Armstrong04:29.6
1951Pan (4)Roger Poincelet / Etienne Pollet04:22.4
1950Supertello (4)Doug Smith / John Waugh04:25.0
1949Alycidon (4)Doug Smith / Walter Earl
1948Arbar (4)Charlie Elliott / Charles Semblat
1947Souverain (4)Marcel Lollierou / Henri Delavaud
1946Caracalla (4)Charlie Elliott / Charles Semblat
1945Ocean Swell (4)Eph Smith / Jack Jarvis
1944Umiddad[a] (4)Gordon Richards / Frank Butters
1943Ujiji[a] (4)Gordon Richards / Joseph Lawson
1942Owen Tudor[a] (4)Gordon Richards / Fred Darling
1941Finis[a] (6)Harry Wragg / Ossie Bell
1939Flyon (4)Eph Smith / Jack Jarvis
1938Flares (5)Bobby Jones / Cecil Boyd-Rochfort
1937Precipitation (4)Patrick Beasley / Cecil Boyd-Rochfort
1936Quashed (4)Richard Perryman / Colledge Leader
1935Tiberius (4)Tommy Weston / Joseph Lawson
1934Felicitation (4)Gordon Richards / Frank Butters
1933Foxhunter (4)Harry Wragg / Jack Jarvis
1932Trimdon (6)Joe Childs / Joseph Lawson
1931Trimdon (5)Joe Childs / Joseph Lawson
1930Bosworth (4)Tommy Weston / Frank Butters
1929Invershin (7)Richard Perryman / George Digby
1928Invershin (6)Brownie Carslake / George Digby
1927Foxlaw (5)Brownie Carslake / Reg Day
1926Solario (4)Joe Childs / Reg Day
1925Santorb (4)Steve Donoghue / James Rhodes
1924Massine (4)Fred Sharpe / Elijah Cunnington
1923Happy Man (7)Victor Smyth / Thomas Hogg
1922Golden Myth (4)Charlie Elliott / Jack Jarvis
1921Periosteum (4)Frank Bullock / Basil Jarvis
1920Tangiers (4)George Hulme / Richard Dawson
1919By Jingo! (5)George Hulme / James Rhodes
1918Gainsborough[a] (3)Joe Childs / Alec Taylor Jr.
1917Gay Crusader[a] (3)Steve Donoghue / Alec Taylor Jr.
1915Apothecary (3)E Lancaster / Fred Pratt
1914Aleppo (5)Freddie Fox / Alec Taylor Jr.
1913Prince Palatine (5)W Saxby / Henry Beardsley
1912Prince Palatine (4)Frank O'Neill / Henry Beardsley
1911Willonyx (4)William Higgs / Sam Darling
1910Bayardo (4)Danny Maher / Alec Taylor Jr.
1909Bomba (3)Freddie Fox / Fred Pratt
1908The White Knight (5)William Halsey / Harry Sadler
1907The White Knight (4)William Halsey / Harry Sadler
1906Bachelor's Button (7)Danny Maher / Charles Peck
1905Zinfandel (5)Morny Cannon / Charles Beatty
1904Throwaway (5)Willie Lane / Herbert Braime
1903Maximum (4)A McIntyre / Richard Count
1902William the Third (4)Morny Cannon / John Porter
1901Santoi (4)Fred Rickaby / Wallace Davis
1900Merman (8)Tod Sloan / Jack Robinson
1899Cyllene (4)Sam Loates / William Jarvis
1898Elf (5)E Watkins / Richard Count
1897Persimmon (4)John Watts / Richard Marsh
1896Love Wisely (3)Sam Loates / Alec Taylor Jr.
1895Isinglass (5)Tommy Loates / James Jewitt
1894La Fleche (5)John Watts / Richard Marsh
1893Marcion (3)S Chandley / W Matthews
1892Buccaneer (4)George Barrett / S Pickering
1891Morion (4)John Watts / Richard Marsh
1890Gold (4)Frederic Webb / Tom Jennings
1889Trayles (4)Jack Robinson / James Jewitt
1888Timothy (4)Jack Robinson / James Jewitt
1887Bird of Freedom (5)W Warne / J Ryan
1886Althorp (4)Tom Cannon / John Porter
1885St. Gatien (4)Charles Wood / James Waugh
1884St. Simon (3)Charles Wood / Mathew Dawson
1883Tristan (5)George Fordham / Tom Jennings
1882Foxhall (4)Tom Cannon / William Day
1881Robert the Devil (4)Tom Cannon / Charles Blanton
1880Isonomy (5)Tom Cannon / John Porter
1879Isonomy (4)Tom Cannon / John Porter
1878Verneuil (4)J Goater / Tom Jennings
1877Petrarch (4)Tom Cannon / Joseph Cannon
1876Apology (5)John Osborne Jr. / John Osborne
1875Doncaster (5)George Fordham / Robert Peck
1874Boiard (4)Carver
1873Cremorne (4)Charles Maidment / William Gilbert
1872Henry (4)George Fordham / Tom Jennings
1871Mortemer (6)George Fordham / Tom Jennings
1870Sabinus (3)R Rowell
1869Brigantine (3)F Butler / William Day
1868Blue Gown (3)Tom Cannon / John Porter
1867Lecturer (4)George Fordham / John Day
1866Gladiateur (4)H Grimshaw / Tom Jennings
1865Ely (4)Harry Custance / Tom Olliver
1864Scottish Chief (3)H Covey / Mathew Dawson
1863Buckstone (4)A Edwards / Mathew Dawson
1862Asteroid (4)John Wells / G Manning
1861Thormanby (4)Harry Custance / Mathew Dawson
1860Rupee (3)H Grimshaw / Jos Dawson
1859Fisherman (6)W Cresswell / T Parr
1858Fisherman (5)John Wells / T Parr
1857Skirmisher (3)J Charlton / George Abdale
1856Winkfield (5)J Bartholomew / S Death
1855Fandango (3)T Ashmall / George Abdale
1854West Australian (4)Alfred Day / John Scott
1853Teddington (5)Job Marson / Alec Taylor Sr.
1852Joe Miller (3)G Mann / William Day
1851Woolwich (5)Job Marson / John Scott
1850The Flying Dutchman (4)Charles Marlow / John Fobert
1849Van Tromp (5)Charles Marlow / John Fobert
1848The Hero (5)Alfred Day / John Barham Day
1847The Hero (4)Alfred Day / John Barham Day
1846Alarm (4)Nat Flatman / Montgomery Dilly
1845The Emperor (4)G Whitehouse / W Edwards
1844The Emperor (3)G Whitehouse / W Edwards
1843Ralph (5)Jem Robinson / W Edwards
1842Beeswing (9)D Cartwright
1841Lanercost (6)W Noble / William I'Anson
1840St Francis (5)Sam Chifney Jr. / Robert Pettit
1839Caravan (5)Jem Robinson / Isaac Day
1838Grey Momus (3)William Day / John Barham Day
1837Touchstone (6)William Scott / John Scott
1836Touchstone (5)John Barham Day / John Scott
1835Glencoe (4)Jem Robinson / James Edwards
1834Glaucus (4)William Scott / John Scott
1833Galata (4)Bill Arnull / Charles Marson
1832Camarine (4)Jem Robinson / H Scott
1831Cetus (4)Jem Robinson / H Scott
1830Lucetta (4)Jem Robinson / H Scott
1829Zinganee (4)Sam Chifney Jr. / William Chifney
1828Bobadilla (3)Thomas Lye / Robert Pettit
1827Memnon (5)Sam Chifney Jr. / William Chifney
1826Chateau Margaux (4)George Dockeray / R Stephenson
1825Bizarre (5)Bill Arnull / R D Boyce
1824Bizarre (4)Bill Arnull / R D Boyce
1823Marcellus (4)Will Wheatley / William Chifney
1822Sir Huldibrand (4)
1821Banker (5)
1820Champignon (4)
1819Anticipation (7)
1818Belville (7)
1817Sir Richard (4)
1816Anticipation (4)
1815Aladdin (5)
1814Pranks (5)
1813Lutzen (4)
1812Flash (3)
1811Jannette (4)
1810Loiterer (4)
1809Anderida (4)
1808Brighton (4)
1807Master Jackey (3)