Founded in 2007 as a subsidiary of Churchill Downs Incorporated, TwinSpires has established itself as the leader in online wagering for horse racing in the United States. TwinSpires now is on course to provide the same elite experience for sports players looking to wager on professional and collegiate sports., following the regulation and legalization of online sports betting by many states in recent years.

In Which States Can I Bet On Sports With TwinSpires?

If you are physically present in any of the following states, you can now bet on professional and collegiate sports with TwinSpires online and mobile solutions:

States with TwinSpires coming soon…

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States with BetAmerica currently available and TwinSpires coming soon…

  • New Jersey

Twinspires Retail Sportsbooks Near me

Where can you bet on sports in person with TwinSpires? Discover sports betting locations below!

If your state isn’t yet listed above, stay tuned as pending legislation is opening the doors for more and more legalized & regulated sports betting around the country.

How are Sports and Horse Racing related?

­Similarities between horse racing and sports betting

Horse racing and sports betting have their own intricacies, but similarities exist between the dimensions.

Key to note: Horse Racing is pari-mutuel vs Sports betting is playing against books and their odds for matchups. (Calculation margin of -110 etc.) … how much money/juice


In horse racing, odds are listed to lower denominations. For example, a 5-1 shot yields $5 profit for every $2 wagered.

Other examples include 5-2 ($5 for every $2 wagered) and 4-5 ($4 for every $5 wagered). The final odds are not set until wagering closes.

Digging Further:

If the actual odds are 5.20-1, the $2 win mutuel in horse racing returns $12.40 ($10.40 profit plus the $2 wagered).

In sports, odds are typically listed to $100 denominations. If Dustin Johnson is listed at +500 to win the Masters, bettors are receiving 5-1 odds ($500 profit for every $100 wagered).

The odds are final when the wager is accepted. In head-to-head team sports matchups, the point spread will determine which team wins, loses or draws. Along with the point spread, each team will have an individual price.

If Baltimore and Buffalo are playing, both teams may be listed at -110. Bettors must wager $110 to win $100. Baltimore could be -115 (wager $115 to win $100) and Buffalo -105. The individual odds provide the takeout, aka “juice,” for bet takers.

The takeout is generally 10%, but bigger fluctuations may follow a different scale. For example, if Baltimore is listed at -150 to cover the first quarter point spread, Buffalo may be +120.

Multi-race bets/Parlay wagers

Multiple-race wagers in horse racing include the daily double (must pick the winner of two races), Pick 3 (three races), Pick 4, Pick 5 and Pick 6. While more challenging, these bets are appealing because they yield higher payouts than straight win wagers. The returns can often be lucrative.

The pari-mutuel system determines payouts in horse racing – the amount bet upon each combination after takeout when wagering closes. In sports betting, parlays incorporate the same concept – bigger payouts than individual straight wagers. But unlike horse betting, the payout is known when the wagered is placed in sports.

Bettors can play two-team or 10-team parlays. Odds are based upon the number involved – two-team parlays may return 2.60-1 odds, three-team at 6-1, and five-team at 22-1 – and payouts can fluctuate based upon individual team prices (-110 etc.)

Statistical analysis

Horses for courses is a common phrase in horse racing – some horses perform better at some venues than others. The same applies to distances, surfaces and, conditions. Horse players can rely on a wealth of statistical information in past performances to identify vulnerable favorites, value horses, and hot connections.

Sports betting can involve the same concept – some teams perform better than others following a bye week, the second of back-to-back road games, and the week before primetime games.

Whether horse racing or sports betting, identifying angles can provide an edge to profitability.


There are seasons in horse racing and sports betting. And the participants have peaks and valleys they endure every season. Identifying these cycles are important. Present form matters. Horses are either improving, declining or holding form. The same applies to sports betting. Improving horses and teams can outperform expectations. Horses and teams in declining form are often vulnerable.

What does the online sportsbook look like for Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania Sportsbook betting interface for TwinSpires

What does the online sportsbook look like for Michigan?

Michigan Sportsbook betting interface for TwinSpires

What does the online sportsbook look like for Colorado?

Colorado Sportsbook betting interface for TwinSpires

What does the online sportsbook look like for Tennessee?

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What does the online sportsbook look like for Indiana?

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