We’re excited to show you the brand new TwinSpires. As technology continues to advance, we’re able to take advantage of the latest tools to deliver better streaming video, improved wagering options, and advanced handicapping tools built right into the program view. If you haven’t registered for an account yet, be sure to take advantage of our $100 sign up bonus. Just wager $500 within 30 days of signing up, and we'll give you $100.


Bet at Multiple Tracks


To follow your favorite tracks, just open the Track list and click the Star to add it to your favorites.

Then click Up Next to easily switch between tracks. Follow up to five different tracks running today, and easily switch between them by clicking the track name.



And now improve your handicapping by accessing stats for horses, jockeys, trainers, and more directly from the Program. Scroll past the race program to see Pools and Probables for every race.

More flexibility to create your own program:



Receive free Thoroughbred Past Performances and Insider Picks & Power Plays for any track you wager on!



Profit Line odds represent each horse's estimated probability of winning based on a computer model. Profit Line odds incorporate numerous handicapping factors (speed, class, pace, form, weight, distance, surface, trainer, jockey, pedigree, recency, etc.). Profit Line odds are provided for all North American thoroughbred races. The horse with the lowest PPL odds is considered to be the most likely winner.

Look for Profit Line "overlays" (noted in green). Profit Line deems these "overlays" because the current odds are greater than (or equal to) to the horse's estimated fair chances of winning, which means that you will get a higher return on your wager based on live odds than the Profit Line program predicted.



Where do I find Detailed Account History?

Under the user icon in the top right of the screen, choose the Detailed Account History option. From here you can search a complete record of your wagering and funding activity, as well as download a report for your records.

How do I view and use the new Toteboard?

The new Toteboard is accessed at the bottom left of the TwinSpires screen. Expanding it will display the toteboard for the next five races for the day. You can configure specific tracks to keep up with by adding them to your Favorites. Simply click the Favorites star by any track name and it will be displayed in the toteboard under the Favorites tab.

Where do I find my Rewards?

Rewards at TwinSpires are still as great as ever! For quick access to your rewards balance, click the user icon in the top right of the screen and select Rewards from the options. From there you can view your balance or redeem your points.

How does the new Bet Slip work?

The new Bet Slip is located at the top right of the screen and displays how many bets you have ready to be placed. Clicking on the circled number allows you to review bets before you submit them. Feel free to delete bets, copy them, or edit them, and when you’re ready, click Submit All to place them.