$10,000 Contest on Del Mar and Saratoga Saturday

It's Whitney Saturday at Saratoga and we're adding to the excitment with another Saratoga-Del Mar $10K Guarantee contest. We’re lining up the best races from your favorite summer tracks in one 12 race contest this Saturday, including four stakes from the Whitney card.

Satellite your way in this Friday or buy directly into Saturday’s contest for just $100.

Top the Leaderboard and you’ll pad your TwinSpires account with a cool $5,000. Plus you’ll qualify for our $50,000 – 50 Vegas Seat Handicapping Championship on November 28.

Finish between 2nd and 12th place to earn cash prizes from $1,000 to $200, respectively.


1. Saratoga 7—STK, 1M, Turf—4:33
2. Saratoga 8—STK G1, 7F, Dirt—5:11
3. Del Mar 2—CLM, 5.5F, Dirt—5:37
4. Saratoga 9—STK G1, 1 1/8M, Dirt—5:46
5. Del Mar 3—MSW, 6.5F, Dirt—6:09          
6. Saratoga 10—STK G3, 1 1/2M, Turf—6:23
7. Del Mar 4—MCL, 7F, Dirt—6:40
8. Saratoga 11—ALW, 5.5F, Turf—6:57
9. Del Mar 5—STK G2, 6.5F, Dirt—7:10      
10. Del Mar 6—AOC, 1M, Turf—7:40
11. Del Mar 7—AOC, 6 1/2F, Dirt—8:10
12. Del Mar 8—STK G2, 1 1/8M, Turf—8:40



  • Every week features a tournament that begins with three Satellites (Qualifiers) on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and ends with a Saturday Final that awards $10,000 in guaranteed cash prizes - $5,000 to the winner.
  • Each contest requires players to place a mythical $2 Win/Place wager on one horse in pre-selected contest races; 8 races in the Weekday Satellites and 12 races in the Saturday $10K Final.
  • Results are determined by using the actual $2 Win/Place mutuel payoffs for each race with winnings capped at $42 to Win (20/1) and $22 to Place (10/1) per race.
  • In the Weekday Satellites, players may qualify for Saturday's $10K Guarantee for buy ins of $10 (Wednesday), $15 (Thursday) and $25 (Friday).
  • Players may also buy in directly to the Saturday $10K Gurantee for $100 per entry.
  • Players can purchase up to 3 entries for each contest.


Wednesday: $10 buy in, finish in the top 16 (of 200 max) and win a FREE entry to Saturday's contest. 
Thursday:      $15 buy in, finish in the top 22 (of 160 max) and win a FREE entry to Saturday's contest.
Friday:            $25 buy in, finish in the top 28 (of 120 max) and win a FREE entry to Saturday's contest.

Saturday:       $100 buy in or qualify through a Weekday Satellite. Contest is limited to 120 total entries and $10,000 in cash and prizes are awarded as follows:

  • 1st: $5,000 and entry to Nov. 28 Championship - a $500 value.
  • 2nd: $1,000 and entry to Nov. 28 Championship - a $500 value.
  • 3rd: $1,000
  • 4th: $600
  • 5th $500
  • 6th - 10th: $300
  • 11th - 12th: $200
  • 13th - 15th: Free entry to next Saturday's $10K Guarantee

Sunday Championship Satellites
$50 buy in, finish in the top 4 (of 45 max) and win a FREE entry to the Nov. 28 Championship, featuring $50,000 in cash and 50 Vegas Seats.

Sunday's Championship Satellites offer players the opportunity to compete against a limited field of just 45 entries for the chance to advance our season-ending TwinSpires Online Handicapping Championship on November 28, which will award $50,000 in cash prizes and 50 Vegas seats (10/20 NHC and 40/30 HPWS) to the top 50 finishers. Players may purchase up to two entries in the Sunday Satellites. Players who earn the maximum two entries to the Nov. 28 Championship may continue to compete in the Sunday Satellites for the cash equivalent of the Championship entry fee, which is $500.

Further questions may be directed to contests@twinspires.com