When betting lightly raced juveniles, analyze the horses they’ve run against

Tue Sep 19 2023J. Keeler Johnson

When handicapping lightly raced juveniles who have only run one or two times, it’s helpful to examine the quality of horses they’ve competed against to get a feel for which runners are coming out of high-quality races.
The Science of Horse Racing: Bits

Fri Sep 15 2023Jennifer Kelly

From a simple snaffle to a Norton, the right bit is just as important as the saddle and the blinkers you see on your favorite Thoroughbred.
Betting Strategy: Pursuing Opinions Worth Betting

Fri Sep 15 2023Kevin Kilroy

Kevin Kilroy discusses a unique take on betting strategy and the questions you may want to ask yourself before placing that winning bet.
When favorites are out of form, up-and-comers can surprise

Wed Sep 06 2023J. Keeler Johnson

An accomplished racehorse in subpar form can be vulnerable against up-and-coming but less accomplished rivals.
Improving horses can turn the tables on seemingly superior rivals

Tue Aug 29 2023J. Keeler Johnson

Just because one horse beats another the first time they face off doesn’t mean the outcome won’t be reversed in subsequent meetings. The history of horse racing is replete with examples.
Betting Strategy: So you like an underlay favorite, what now?

Sat Aug 26 2023Kevin Kilroy

You’re handicapping and you see a horse you like--a form pattern, a trainer angle, speed figures, whatever the angle. This horse should win, you think. What now?
What is a Quarter Horse and why is it named that?

Wed Aug 23 2023TwinSpires Staff

Versatility, agility, strength, and speed are the overarching qualities that make the Quarter Horse such a stunning and special equine breed.
Horses debuting in stakes can win and pay nicely

Tue Aug 22 2023J. Keeler Johnson

Once in a while, you’ll see an unraced horse enter a stakes. You might assume an inexperienced first-time starter is overmatched against stakes-caliber rivals, but that isn’t always the case.
The Science of Horse Racing: Who Is the Fastest?

Fri Aug 18 2023Jennifer Kelly

Whether they pull a sulky, run a long distance, or sprint over a short quarter mile, three breeds are the stars of the sport we all love, but, of the three, who is the fastest and why?
Look for horses beaten by talented rivals; they can offer nice odds

Wed Aug 16 2023J. Keeler Johnson

In many horse races, there is a tendency among bettors to favor horses who enter in winning form. But a horse who ran well in defeat against a talented rival can be just as likely to factor.
Training to Win: Mutli-race ticket construction with James Scully [VIDEO]

Tue Aug 15 2023James Scully

When it comes to multi-race bets, also known as horizontal wagers, good ticket construction involves budget and strategy.
Training to Win: Graded Stakes race analyzation with James Scully [VIDEO]

Tue Aug 15 2023James Scully

Graded stakes are specialized races - the highest levels in Thoroughbred racing - and bettors have many factors to consider when handicapping.
Tall Tales of the Track: Kingston Goes the Distance

Sun Aug 13 2023Jennifer Kelly

Bred by a Pillar of the Turf in James R. Keene, Kingston’s longevity on the racetrack comes in not only in the number of times he raced but in the wins he accumulated over his nine seasons, his greatness sealed in the record books and the Hall of Fame for all time.