Each-way bets in horse racing explained: places, payoffs, and examples

Fri Jul 05 2024J. Keeler Johnson

What is an each-way bet in horse racing? American fans might not be familiar with the term. It’s a common bet in the fixed-odds bookmaking world of the United Kingdom, but pari-mutuel betting in the U.S. lacks a direct equivalent.
What is a handicap race in horse racing?

Wed May 29 2024J. Keeler Johnson

You’ve likely heard the term handicapping referring to the process of analyzing a horse race to determine the most likely winner. But… what is a handicap race?
What is a stone in British and Irish horse racing?

Tue May 21 2024J. Keeler Johnson

Follow British or Irish horse racing for long enough, and you’re bound to hear reference to the number of “stone” a horse carries. So what is a stone?
Pat Day Mile shows power of horses cutting back to one turn

Wed May 15 2024J. Keeler Johnson

When handicapping one-turn stakes races for three-year-olds during and after the Road to the Kentucky Derby, favoring horses with experience running long in Derby preps can reap dividends.
When a horse willingly races inside and through traffic, take note

Tue May 07 2024J. Keeler Johnson

Some horses are uncomfortable racing inside and behind rivals and fail to run their best when asked to do so. Others don’t mind at all, opening the door for perfect ground-saving trips.
Top 10 fastest Kentucky Derby times in history

Fri May 03 2024Ashley Anderson

From a legendary Triple Crown winner to a high-priced yearling who stole the heart of a Japanese racing enthusiast, here are the 10 horses with the fastest winning times in Kentucky Derby history.
Top 10 Most Successful Trainers in Kentucky Derby History

Fri May 03 2024Ashley Anderson

Based on overall number of victories, as well as second- and third-place finishes, here are the 10 most successful trainers in Kentucky Derby history.
Why the Kentucky Derby generates big betting payoffs

Thu May 02 2024J. Keeler Johnson

The Kentucky Derby (G1) at Churchill Downs is considered one of the best betting races of the year. The reason? Big payoffs. And the reason for the big payoffs? Simple mathematics.
Jockeys and weight in the Kentucky Derby

Tue Apr 30 2024Vance Hanson

Being the most identifiable human participants on average in Thoroughbred racing, jockeys will be a major focus in this week’s 150th edition of the Kentucky Derby.
Commander Compton shows how strong a horse’s surface preferences can be

Wed Apr 24 2024J. Keeler Johnson

Commander Compton is vivid proof that some horses hold clear-cut surface preferences, and a reminder that poor form over a disliked surface can be disregarded when analyzing a horse’s past performances.
When a speed horse is dominant, a closer can finish second

Wed Apr 17 2024J. Keeler Johnson

When you handicap a horse race and conclude that a runner with early speed—a pacesetter—appears much the best, it can pay to play a stretch runner for second place in the exacta.
Top 10 best racehorses of all time

Thu Apr 11 2024J. Keeler Johnson

Ranking the greatest racehorse of all time is an exercise fraught with challenges and subjectivity. But I'm going to give it a try.
Top 10 Fastest Horse Breeds in the World

Thu Apr 11 2024Ashley Anderson

From the noble Arabian poised for battle to the esteemed equines who run in the Kentucky Derby, let's explore the 10 fastest horse breeds in the world.