Betting Strategies: 'It all depends on what you are trying to make from the race'

Sat Jul 23 2022Kevin Kilroy

Sara and I spoke over the phone on Friday about her betting strategies, and she offers up her Late Pick 5 at Saratoga for Saturday.
Pros and cons of boxing your bets

Wed Jul 20 2022J. Keeler Johnson

When horse racing bettors talk about boxing wagers, they’re referring to a specific wagering strategy for bets like the exacta, trifecta, and superfecta.
The Science of Horse Racing: Hooves and Horseshoes

Wed Jul 20 2022Jennifer Kelly

For this month’s the Science of Horse Racing, let’s play some horseshoes and learn a little about hooves, plates, and more.
Step-by-step: How to bet a Super High 5

Wed Jul 13 2022J. Keeler Johnson

Hitting a Super High 5 wager isn’t easy; it’s one of the trickiest and most expensive horse racing bets to pursue. But winning tickets often yield big paydays.
Step-by-step: Building a Pick 4 ticket

Wed Jul 06 2022J. Keeler Johnson

Of all the multi-race wagers in horse racing, the Pick 4 is among the most popular. It’s challenging enough to produce solid payoffs while remaining relatively budget-friendly for small bettors.
Exacta vs. quinella vs. Omni/Swinger: Which should you bet?

Wed Jun 29 2022J. Keeler Johnson

Fans of international horse racing know there are three similar but distinct exotic wagers found on a typical betting menu: the exacta, the quinella, and the Omni/Swinger.
Step-by-step: How to bet a Pick 5

Wed Jun 22 2022J. Keeler Johnson

The Pick 5 is one of the most popular wagers in horse racing, and for many good reasons. If you’re wondering how to bet a Pick 5, we have you covered.
What are Omni/Swinger bets, and how do you play them?

Wed Jun 15 2022J. Keeler Johnson

If you’ve ever dipped your toes into betting on international horse racing, you’ve probably noticed an unfamiliar bet type called the Omni/Swinger. But how hard is the Omni/Swinger to play and hit?
How to handicap Royal Ascot stakes for juveniles

Sat Jun 11 2022Vance Hanson

One of the distinguishing features of Royal Ascot is the six stakes devoted to two-year-olds during the annual five-day meeting.
What are claiming races? Here are the basics

Wed Jun 08 2022J. Keeler Johnson

In North America, claiming races are among the most common types of Thoroughbred horse races conducted at racetracks across the continent. But what exactly are they?
What are Brisnet Speed and Pace rating pars?

Wed Jun 01 2022J. Keeler Johnson

Have you ever wondered how to use Brisnet Speed and Pace rating pars? Let's dive in and explore what they offer.
Fact or myth: Are all North American dirt tracks one mile in circumference?

Wed May 25 2022J. Keeler Johnson

If you follow North American horse racing, perhaps you've come to believe the vast majority of Thoroughbred racetracks are one-mile dirt ovals. But is that really the case?
What are Brisnet Speed and Pace ratings?

Wed May 18 2022J. Keeler Johnson

Once upon a time, a long time ago, judging raw pace fractions and final times was the only way to gauge the speed of a race. Then speed figures burst on to the scene and changed everything.