When you should (or shouldn't) bet a Pick 6

Wed Mar 01 2023J. Keeler Johnson

Effectively betting a Pick 6 can be difficult and expensive. These guidelines help you determine when you should (or shouldn’t) bet a Pick 6.
Why it pays to look beyond a horse's most recent race

Wed Feb 22 2023J. Keeler Johnson

Horses aren’t machines, and any number of events can trigger a poor performance. Knowing when to forgive a subpar result is often the key to cashing tickets.
G1-to-maiden class drop can be surprisingly lucrative

Tue Feb 14 2023J. Keeler Johnson

One of the most extreme examples of "dropping in class" occurs when a horse exits a Grade 1 race (the highest class there is) and enters a maiden race (restricted to horses who have never won a race).
When to bet to place (or not)

Tue Feb 07 2023J. Keeler Johnson

The place bet can be a tricky wager to properly play. Not because it’s complicated to understand, but because executing a sound strategy that capitalizes on your opinions is easier said than done.
Using Stable Alerts as a handicapping tool

Fri Feb 03 2023J. Keeler Johnson

If you’ve ever missed a bet because you weren’t aware your preferred horse was entered to race, we have good news. Stable Alerts from TwinSpires let you know when it’s time to bet.
The Science of Horse Racing: Foaling the Future

Sun Jan 29 2023Jennifer Kelly

Let’s look at the process of foaling and how our favorite racehorses went from safe inside a broodmare’s womb to taking their first steps toward greatness.
The best way to decide and create a place bet

Tue Jan 24 2023J. Keeler Johnson

When carefully executed, the place bet can play a useful role in a bettor’s arsenal of handicapping strategies.
The best way to decide and create a show bet

Wed Jan 18 2023J. Keeler Johnson

As strange as it might sound, the horse racing wager that's easiest to hit is one of the trickiest to understand on a technical level.
The best way to decide and create a win bet

Tue Jan 10 2023J. Keeler Johnson

The win bet is the purest way to wager on a horse race. All you have to do is pick the winning horse. But deciding which horse to bet can quickly grow complicated.
How trainer and sire stats can combine for enticing payoffs

Tue Jan 03 2023J. Keeler Johnson

When betting maiden races filled with unraced horses, win percentage stats come in handy. They consistently steer bettors toward live contenders in races that might otherwise be inscrutable.
The Science of Racing: The Starting Gate

Tue Jan 03 2023Jennifer Kelly

It is a sight as familiar to racegoers as the horses themselves: the starting gate. As the minutes to the next race tick by, a tractor pulls this mechanical wonder to the right spot on the racetrack, dirt or turf, and draws the eyes of everyone present.
How trainer stats can point toward future stakes winners

Tue Dec 27 2022J. Keeler Johnson

When a horse defies the stats and wins at first asking for a low-percentage debut trainer, you might be looking at a special horse. Maybe even a stakes winner.
What is a jockey weight allowance?

Tue Dec 20 2022J. Keeler Johnson

In the sport of horse racing, the amount of weight carried by each horse has long been varied to account for differences in age, gender, and ability. Or, in some cases, the experience of their jockey.