Remembering Queen Elizabeth II's Royal Ascot winners

Sun Jun 18 2023Vance Hanson

A ubiquitous presence at the Royal meeting until the last few years of her life, Elizabeth II enjoyed a fair amount of success at the fixture.
A King's Coronation on 2000 Guineas Day at Newmarket

Sat May 06 2023Kellie Reilly

While much of the racing world’s attention on Saturday is focused on the Kentucky Derby (G1), earlier in the day, an heir to a centuries-long legacy will be crowned at a venue rich in tradition.
Top 10 fastest Kentucky Derby times in history

Sat May 06 2023Ashley Anderson

From a legendary Triple Crown winner to a high-priced yearling who stole the heart of a Japanese racing enthusiast, here are the 10 horses with the fastest winning times in Kentucky Derby history.
The 10 best Kentucky Derby winners of all time

Sat May 06 2023Kellie Reilly

The greatest Kentucky Derby winners didn’t just run the race of their lives as three-year-olds on the first Saturday in May. They built resumes, often as older horses, that stand the test of time.
Kentucky Derby scratches that changed history

Thu Apr 27 2023Vance Hanson

While a comprehensive list of Kentucky Derby scratches since 1875 is not possible, these four withdrawals perhaps were the most significant.
Tall Tales of the Track: I Am Woman, Watch Me Win!

Mon Apr 17 2023Jennifer Kelly

In the first years of the 19th century, Alicia Meynell rode in not one but two match races against a man on an English racecourse, demonstrating that same self-assurance and drive that many a woman, including Annie Oakley, would need in their male-dominated pursuits.
Seabiscuit: 10 interesting facts about the legendary horse

Thu Apr 06 2023Alastair Bull

Here are 10 interesting facts about America's favorite equine underdog.
Top 10 best racehorses of all time

Wed Apr 05 2023J. Keeler Johnson

Ranking the greatest racehorse of all time is an exercise fraught with challenges and subjectivity. But I'm going to give it a try.
Tall Tales of the Track: And the Winner Is…

Sun Mar 12 2023Jennifer Kelly

Rumor had it that it was not Bend Or who ran down Robert the Devil at Epsom, but a horse named Tadcaster, an accusation of mistaken identity that was resolved more than a century later.
The Heart that Wears the Crown: Gallant Fox

Sun Mar 05 2023Jennifer Kelly

Gallant Fox’s victories in the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes were the first to come with the name “Triple Crown,” as those intervening years saw the three races enter the sport’s consciousness with that sobriquet attached.
Tall Tales of the Track: Sysonby, the (Almost) Unbeatable

Mon Feb 20 2023Jennifer Kelly

A skeleton of a horse once hung in the American Museum of Natural History, the limbs positioned as if in flight.
The Heart That Wears the Crown: Sir Barton

Mon Feb 13 2023Jennifer Kelly

Thoroughbreds are fast and powerful athletes and the most elite are the ones whose names become a part of our collective consciousness, but, like familiar faces like Tom Brady and Michael Jordan, they were living, breathing beings who interacted with the world around them and left a distinct impression on those who cared for them.