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10 Ways to Bet $200 on Horse Racing

When you gamble on a horse race, you’re playing against everyone else at the track. The more people who bet on a certain outcome, the more people the pool of money has to be divided among if that outcome comes to fruition.

Most people prefer to bet on the favorites, but if the race favorite wins the race at stronger odds (say 7-5 or less), then the win payout is less since so many people will have bet on the favorite to win.

Understand that at a major track like Santa Anita, approximately 21% of the total handle is bet to win. Compare that to nearly 7% for place and just 4.5% for show. Single race exotics (exactas, trifectas, etc.) account for 40% of the wagers and multi-race bets (doubles, pick-three, etc.) are good for 27%.

Knowing where the money is being wagered can help you when determining ways to wager, since there are numerous ways to bet on a horse race.

When registering for a new account and taking advantage of a signup bonus for horse betting, you may want to bet less on the win wagers to increase your chances of a return. While the payouts may be less, you can make your money last longer and increase your chances for more winners.

When you make a straight wager, you only bet on one horse.

  1. $4 to win on #6 (you win if your horse finishes 1st)
  2. $8 to place on $6 (you win if your horse finishes 1st or second)
  3. $12 to show on #6 (you win if your horse finishes 1st, 2nd or 3rd)

    You can try for a bigger payoff and even reduce the amount you wager to a minimum of $1 on vertical wagers such as exacta or trifecta.

  4. $1 exacta on #6 - #3 (you win if #6 wins and #3 comes in 2nd). Cost $1
  5. $1 exacta box #6 - #3 (you win if #6 and #3 finish 1st and 2nd in either order). Cost $2
  6. $1 trifecta on #6 - #3 - #7 (you win if #6 wins, #3 finishes 2nd and #7 finishes 3rd). Cost $1
  7. $1 trifecta box on #6 - #3 - #7 (you win if #6, #3 and #7 finish in 1st, 2nd and 3rd in any order). Cost $6

    Daily Double - Daily Doubles require that you pick the winner of two consecutive races before the running of the first race in the sequence of races. Daily Doubles are usually offered on the first and last two races of each racing card.

  8. $5 Daily Double – Race 1, #5. Race 2, #3. You win if horse #5 wins race 1 and horse #3 wins race 2.

  9. Pick 3 - You win if you select the winner of three consecutive races. The bet must be placed prior to the running of the first race in the sequence.
  10. Pick 4 - You win if you select the winner of four consecutive races. The bets must be placed prior to the running of the first race of the Pick 4 sequence.

In all 10 of these wager types, the payout when you win is determined by the odds of the horse and the amount bet on each horse and in the pool for the type of bet you made. The lower the horses odds, the less payout, and the higher the horses odds, the more you win.

$200* Sign-Up Bonus

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Steps to Earn the $200 online betting account bonus:

  • Make a deposit and wager a minimum of $800 within the first 30 days after sign-up. $200 bonus cash will be credited in increments of $100 for every $400 wagered.
  • Provide your valid email address when signing up.

The bonus will be deposited into the Player's online wagering account within 10 business days (two weeks) after the Player has fulfilled the terms and conditions of this offer.

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