$25,000 Streak to the Derby

The $25,000 Streak to the Derby Contest has ended and the results are now official.   Noel P. was winner of the Preakness Tie-Breaker with a total return of $94.30.  Congratulations to Noel and all the Streak to the Derby Winners.

2011 Kentucky Derby Ticket Winners

Noel P. of Columbus, OH (Winner of Preakness Tie-Breaker)
Michael K. of Univeristy Heights, OH (Winner of 3 Streak random drawing)

Official Kentucky Derby Polo Shirt Winners

Paul W. of Leominster, MA
Ed D. of Lexington, KY
Art B. of Springfield, VA
Brain F. of Mason, OH
Jack D. of Pasadena, TX
Jeffrey S. of Minneapolis, MN
Basil D. of New Canan, CT
John D. of Lockport, NY
Pat. C of Louisville, KY
Bryan W. of New Orleanes, LA

Official Kentucky Derby Hat Winners

Abe S. of Chula Vista, CA
Kenneth S. of Cumberland, IN
Leslie L. of Oklahoma City, OK
Stan L. of Westfield, MA
Anthony B. of West Chicago, IL
Edward A. of Mobile, AL
Gary E. of Kirtland, OH
Scott R. of Batavia, IL
Mike K. of Belleville, IL
Romeo P. of Ardsley, NY
Don M. of Loves Park, IL
Hilda V. of Louisville, KY
Stephen L. of Thousand Oaks, CA
Gwyn H. of Fallston, MA
Bruce L. of Bethlehem, PA
Michael K. of University Heights, OH
Frank Q. of Denver, CO
Leo K. of Binghampton, NY
Paul B. of Dumfries, VA
Eric M. of Aldie, VA
Blaine V. of Louisville, KY
Louis M. of Saint Bernard, LA

Please allow 2 weeks delivery time for Kentucky Derby Polo shirts and hats. 

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