$35, $65 and $100 Championship Satellites!

The 100 Vegas Seat TwinSpires Online Handicapping Championship is fast approaching and the time left to qualify is running out. If you haven't qualified yet, we're giving you 17 chances over 17 consecutive days to punch your ticket to our Nov. 24 Championship, where you can win 1 (or more) of 100 Seats to the biggest handicapping tournaments in Las Vegas - 20 to the NHC and 80 to the Horse Player World Series.

UPDATE FOR NOV. 17 SATELLITE: TwinSpires has partnered with Delta Downs to offer a special $15,000 Satellite - 10 Seats to our Nov. 24 Championship and a $5,000 cash purse. Details will be announced next week.

Check out our schedule of Satellites below and chose the one right for you. With buy-ins as low as $35, it doesn't take much scratch to put you on the fast track to Vegas. And with our Championship capped at 350 total entries, winning just one entry gives you a 7/2 chance of claiming one of our 100 Vegas seats. Earn the maximum two entries to our Nov. 24 Championship and your odds to Vegas are no worse than 9/5. 


*Note: Players finishing within the placements listed under Free Entries automatically qualify for a free entry to the next contest of the same Buy-In value.  
DayDateBuy-InMax EntriesTo ChampionshipFree Entries*
Wednesday11/7$35 100Top 34th - 10th to 11/8
Thursday11/8$35 100Top 34th - 10th to 11/12
Friday11/9$65 100Top 56th - 20th to 11/11
Saturday11/10$100 100Top 89th - 25th to 11/17
Sunday11/11$65 100Top 56th - 20th to 11/16
Monday11/12$35 100Top 34th - 10th to 11/13
Tuesday11/13$35 100Top 34th - 10th to 11/14
Wednesday11/14$35 100Top 34th - 10th to 11/15
Thursday11/15$35 100Top 34th - 10th to 11/19
Friday11/16$65 100Top 56th - 20th to 11/18
Saturday11/17$100 150Top 10 + $5,000 Cash Purse11th - 25th to 11/22
Sunday11/18$65 100Top 56th - 20th to 11/21
Monday11/19$35 100Top 34th - 10th to 11/20
Tuesday11/20$35 100Top 3No Free Entries
Wednesday11/21$65 100Top 56th - 20th to 11/23
Thursday11/22$100 150Top 10 + $5,000 Cash PurseNo Free Entries
Friday11/23$65 100Top 5No Free Entries