Adobe Air Needed for TwinSpires Pro


In order to enjoy the revolutionary and highly efficient new TwinSpiresPro Wager Pad, Players will need to make sure you have Adobe Air version 2.0 installed.

Adobe Air version 2.0 requires a one-time download and installation on your computer. The process is very simple and should only take a few minutes.

If you are unable to automatically download Adobe Air, please click the link below.

Adobe Air Version 2.0 Installer


TwinSpires Pro FAQ

What is TwinSpiresPro?

TwinSpiresPro is a revolutionary new, highly efficient way for you to build and submit your bets faster than ever before.

How can I access TwinSpiresPro?

You can access TwinSpiresPro directly from the wager now section after you login to TwinSpires. Simply click "TwinSpiresPro" as your wagering experience selection to launch the TwinSpiresPro application. TwinSpiresPro may also be accessed from TwinSpires Express by selecting the "Pro" option next to the "Wager Now" button.

What are the minimum technical requirements for TwinSpiresPro?

TwinSpiresPro requires a one-time download and installation to your computer. The process could take a few minutes, depending on the quality of your internet connection.

Software: TwinSpiresPro users will need to install Adobe AIR, version 2.0 or later. When clicking the TwinSpiresPro button, if you don't have Adobe AIR, an overlay will appear to prompt you to install it. If you already have Adobe AIR installed on your computer, the overlay will prompt you to install TwinSpiresPro. Once Adobe AIR is installed, the process will move automatically to installing TwinSpiresPro.

Note that in order to load the TwinSpiresPro button on the Wager Now page, you will need Adobe Flash Player version 10.1, which can be downloaded here

You can also install Adobe AIR directly from the Adobe website. Users on MAC OS v.10.5 will need to use this same link to install Adobe AIR before downloading and installing TwinSpiresPro.

Internet Connection Speed: A minimum internet downstream connection of 1 Mbps is recommended for using TwinSpiresPro. To test your internet connection speed, please check out the TwinSpires Bandwidth Tester here. To increase your connection speed, please contact your internet service provider.

Mobile Devices: TwinSpiresPro will not function on mobile phones and smart phones, including Apple's iPhone and iPad, because TwinSpires Pro is not currently optimized for mobile devices, and these devices largely do not yet support Adobe AIR or Adobe Flash.

Is there an extra charge for accessing TwinSpiresPro?

No. TwinSpiresPro is available free-of-charge to all TwinSpires Players.

What are some of the features in TwinSpiresPro?

TwinSpiresPro offers increased wager speed and efficiency plus a new set of features designed to enhance the wagering experience, such as:

  • A variety of time-saving options including a copy function for more efficient Trifecta and Superfecta wagers, and a set of user preference settings such as an "off" switch for wager confirmations.
  • TwinSpiresPro sorts wagers by track and race and displays cumulative wager totals - by track or by race - for the day.
  • TwinSpiresPro displays your account balance at the bottom of the screen.
  • TwinSpiresPro allows you to have your selections retained or cleared after you submit a bet as a customizable option.
  • Quick and easy account funding is available by selecting the "Fund Account" tab.
  • Single-pane wager entry enabling you to place complex exotic wagers, such as trifectas, superfectas, and Pick 6s - bets that used to require 20 steps - with just a couple of mouse a fraction of the time.

How do I view wagers I've placed today?

You can view your current day wagers by selecting "Refresh Today's Wagers" on the TwinSpiresPro wager history tabs. The "Today's Wagers" view will show all your current day wagers starting in the order they were last placed. You can also view wagers specific to the current track and race you currently have selected on the TwinSpiresPro betting grids.

How do I see I much I've wagered today?

Your cumulative wager total is displayed below the TwinSpiresPro wager history tabs and will display your total wager amount for the day, your total wager amount on a given track for the day, or your total wager amount on a given race for the day.

Is Conditional Wagering available?

Yes. Conditional wagers are currently available for Win, Daily Double, Exacta, and Quinella wagers. Conditional ‘WIN' wagers are restricted to only those bets involving a single betting interest. Conditional ‘DAILY DOUBLE',‘EXACTA', or ‘QUINELLA' wagers are restricted to a single (‘straight') combination consisting of exactly two betting interests. Learn more about conditional wagering.

How do I turn off wager confirmation?

For faster and more efficient betting, you can elect to turn off the wager confirmation and wager accepted dialogs. Your wager will automatically be placed once you click on the Submit button. To enable this option, select the "Options" button on TwinSpiresPro and select "Off" for the Confirm Wager option to take effect.

For complete FAQ's, please visit our Support Page.