American Pharoah Win Ticket Survivor Challenge

If you weren't able to witness history in person at and punch your $2 Win ticket on American Pharoah last Saturday at Belmont Park, TwinSpires is giving you another chance to get an authentic $2 Win ticket on American Pharoah this Saturday night.

Just survive the most consecutive races in our $5 Show Survivor contest, starting with the first race on Saturday night's Stephen Foster card, and we'll send you a genuine, uncashed $2 Win ticket on American Pharoah in the Belmont Stakes.

Winners Announced (Click here)


How to Play

  • Players may participate by placing a $5 Show bet on a single horse, starting with the first race on the Stephen Foster program at Churchill Downs on Saturday, June 13.
  • Starting with Race 1 - at 6 p.m. Eastern Time - the objective is to place a $5 Show wager (contest wager) and survive as many consecutive races as possible without losing or skipping a race.
  • Only a player's first $5 Show bet on a single horse in a given race will count as his or her official contest wager.
  • If a player's contest wager on the first race is a winner, s/he may continue in the contest by placing a contest wager on the second race, and so forth.
  • Skipping a race counts as a loss and a player's streak will end with any skipped race.
  • Scratches must be re-bet.
  • In the event Show wagering is not offered on a given race, players may skip that race in the contest without penalty.

How to Win

  • Player(s) who record the longest winning streak (starting with race 1) without placing a losing contest wager (or skipping a race) will win an authentic, uncashed $2  Win ticket placed on American Pharoah in the Belmont Stakes at Belmont Park on Saturday, June 6.
  • A maximum of 100 Win tickets will be awarded.
  • In the event more than 100 players qualify to win a ticket, the 100 winners will be determined by the order in which their wagers were placed on the final race in which they placed a winning contest wager, by the official time their wager was placed, earliest to latest.

Official winners will be announced on or before Monday, June 15. Prizes will be mailed to the winning players within 6 weeks of winners being announced.