Beat The Caveman this Summer at Del Mar & Saratoga

July 17 – September 3

This summer take on the TwinSpires Caveman for a chance to win $1,000 or more in the Late Pick 4 at Del Mar and Saratoga.The Caveman’s got a Pick 4 system that can’t miss! He uses four horses in each leg and will be cranking out his 4×4 tickets all summer long. He’ll tackle the Saratoga Late Pick 4 every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. At Del Mar, he’ll play the Late Pick 4 every Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

Play the same Late Pick 4 as the Caveman for a chance to cash for more than the track payout. If his ticket is a loser, you could win up to $1,000 or more on top of your Pick 4 winnings. If the Caveman hits, the $1,000 daily prize carries over to the next day he plays a ticket.

Click here to visit The Caveman’s Lair for Official Rules, Pick 4 Tickets and Winners List.

On Wednesday, September 3 only, the Caveman will play the Late Pick 4 at Del Mar. There will be a mandatory payout of all accumulated prize money on Wednesday, September 3. Cash prizes earned during the race week at Del Mar and Saratoga will be credited on or before the Tuesday of the following week.