Beat the Price Challenge Qualifiers

Beat The Price Challenge - Points Will Pays

Points Will Pays for each of the 23 horses in Derby Future Wager Pool #2 are listed below. The official winning horse will be announced after the Kentucky Derby is declared official, on Saturday, May 3. The Beat The Price "winning horse" will be determined by subtracting the final Kentucky Derby Win Odds from the final Derby Future Wager Odds in Pool #2 for each horse, and identifying the horse with the highest positive value. Any player who placed his or her first $20 Win wager on the Beat The Price "winning horse" will win the corresponding Points prize.


Intense Holiday is the winning horse with a Positive Value of 55. Each winner will receive 333,333 TSC Elite Points. Winners will be announced Monday, May 5. Points prizes will be credited by Tuesday, May 6.

#Wagering InterestFinal Pool 2 Win OddsFinal Kentucky Derby Win OddsPositive ValueTSC Elite Points Will Pay
1Bobby’s Kitten46-1Did not startTBA166,667
2Cairo Prince13-1Did not startTBA52,632
3California Chrome*30-15-227.5111,111
4Candy Boy*32-19-12358,824
5Commissioner22-1Did not startTBA66,667
6Conquest Titan*29-1Did not startTBA43,478
7Havana28-1Did not startTBA71,429
8Honor Code12-1Did not startTBA58,824
9Indianapolis*25-1Did not startTBA71,429
10Intense Holiday*69-114-155333,333
11Kristo*76-1Did not startTBA125,000
12Matterhorn*63-1Did not startTBA142,857
13Midnight Hawk*19-1Did not startTBA83,333
14Noble Moon47-1Did not startTBA100,000
15Rise Up47-1Did not startTBA111,111
17Shared Belief (g)14-1Did not startTBA66,667
18Strong Mandate17-1Did not startTBA100,000
20Tonalist*48-1Did not startTBA45,455
21Top Billing*13-1Did not startTBA58,824
22Uncle Sigh*73-130-143166,667
23Vicar’s in Trouble*42-120-12283,333