Beat the Players Pool for 2 Million Points

With the cancellation of the opening day Pick 5 at Keeneland, we are putting the entire 2 Million Points bounty on Saturday's Pick 5 at Keeneland.

Just cash a winning ticket in the Pick 5 at Keeneland this Saturday. If you show higher net winnings from your Pick 5 wagers than the Players' Pool does on its Pick 5 wagers, you will win or split a 2 Million Points prize with all other winners on TwinSpires.

Players' Pool Pick 5 tickets will be listed Saturday when they are available. Check out the Players Pool here.

Players Pool Results
The Players' pool played five tickets in Saturday's Pick 5 at Keeneland and recorded net winnings of $134.85 ($1,329.85 in total winnings from $1,195 in wagers placed).

Winners Announced Here

How to Win

  • Cash a winning ticket in the Pick 5 at Keeneland with your TwinSpires account on Saturday April 4.
  • If you record higher net winnings from all of your Pick 5 tickets than the Players' Pool on April 4, you will win or split 2 Million Points with all other winners on that day.
  • Net winnings are calculated by subtracting your total winnings from your total amount bet in the Pick 5.
  • Players must record net winnings greater than $0 in the Pick 5 to earn a share of the $1 Million Points prize.

In the event no players beat the Players' Pool on a given day, that day's prize will carry over to the next live day of racing at Keeneland.

Winners will be announced on or before Sunday, April 5. Points prizes will be credited on or before Monday, April 6.