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Official Week 7 Results

Final Beat the Champ Standings including Week 7.

Please note that the Final Standings were revised on Sept. 5th due to the scores of 8 qualified players being initially omitted from the Week 7 Results. The recalculated Final Standings are below:

RankPlayerWinningsCash Prize T-Shirt
1DARRELL L$663.50$5,000Yes
2MIKE B$613.50$1,500Yes
3JOHN W$541.00$1,000Yes
4WAYNE T$427.00$750Yes
5JOHN M$405.50$500Yes
6MARTA N$397.50$350Yes
7JOEL R$379.50$300Yes
8GERALD A$378.00$250Yes
9PAUL G$375.50$250Yes
10MICHAEL W$374.50$200Yes
11STUART H$370.50$200Yes
12JULIO G$366.50$200Yes
13JOHN M$354.00$200Yes
14RICHARD C$343.00$200Yes
15JOHN H$341.50$200Yes
16RICHARD N$337.00$200Yes
17PETER D$336.50$200Yes
18GARY T$333.00$200Yes
19DARRELL B$328.00$150Yes
20CHRIS E JR K$324.50$150Yes
21CHARLES K$321.00$150Yes
22FRED C$310.00$150Yes
23JEREMY F$303.00$150Yes
24STEVE R$302.50$150Yes
25MARK M$298.50$150Yes
26RYAN Y$293.00$150Yes
27ROB M$291.50$150Yes
28NICHOLAS A$277.50$150Yes
29ERIK N$277.00$150Yes
30ROBERT W$275.50$150Yes
31MIKE C$271.00$100Yes
32LEO K$267.50$100Yes
33MARK K$267.50$100Yes
34DEBBIE W$265.00$100Yes
35NICHOLAS A$261.00$100Yes
36THOMAS O$259.00$100Yes
37JIM B$256.50$100Yes
38PETER G$255.00$100Yes
39THOMAS W$253.50$100Yes
40JEFFREY R$253.00$100Yes
41CARL T$251.50$50Yes
42RICHARD I$248.00$50Yes
43HENRY W$243.00$50Yes
44HOWARD W$241.50$50Yes
45RAYMOND P$241.50$50Yes
46EDWIN A$240.00$50Yes
47CHRISTOPHER M$239.50$50Yes
48JRICHARD D$237.50$50Yes
49STEVE R$236.50$50Yes
50KATHY K$232.50$50Yes
51BILL B$227.50---Yes
52BARRY E$226.50---Yes
53JONATHAN S$224.00---Yes
54MARY H$222.00---Yes
55STEVEN L$221.50---Yes
56JOHN G$220.50---Yes
57THOMAS B$220.00---Yes
58JAMES S$216.00---Yes
59KATHLEEN B$213.50---Yes
60SCOTT S$213.00---Yes
61ROBERT Y$212.00---Yes
62JOHNNY B$208.00---Yes
63BARRY P$208.00---Yes
64GERARD L$202.50---Yes
65DENNIS D$199.50---Yes
66ELLIS S$197.00---Yes
67DAVID S$196.50---Yes
68WILLIAM H$196.00---Yes
69RICHARD M$189.00---Yes
70GREGORY K$187.50---Yes
71DANIEL J$183.00---Yes
72GEORGE S$183.00---Yes
73WILLIAM T$180.00---Yes
74ELIZABETH M$180.00---Yes
75HARRY K$178.50---Yes
76JEFF K$178.00---Yes
77JOSEPH M$173.00---Yes
78BILL E$172.00---Yes
79ANDREW Z$171.50---Yes
80VERNON W$170.50---Yes
81JAMES D$170.50---Yes
82JESSICA P$169.50---Yes
83MICHAEL K$168.00---Yes
84ROGER B$162.00---Yes
85RICHARD H$159.00---Yes
86BRETT W$159.00---Yes
87RAYMOND H$158.00---Yes
88DONALD J$152.00---Yes
89WILLIAM O$152.00---Yes
90RALPH H$149.00---Yes
91BRIAN R$148.00---Yes
92JAMES C. S$147.50---Yes
93MICHAEL N$147.00---Yes
94CLIFFORD B$146.50---Yes
95MARILYNN G$146.00---Yes
96JAMES K$140.00---Yes
97STEVE C$139.00---Yes
98DANIEL P$137.00---Yes
99PHIL H$135.00---Yes
100BERNARDO W$130.00---Yes
101 tieTHE CHAMP$128.00------
101 tie DENNIS R. B$128.00------
103WILLIAM W$127.00------
104JEFF H$126.50------
105LARRY S$126.00------
106DENIS M$125.00------
107WAYNE M$109.00------
108ORION G$109.00------
109DAVID H$106.50------
110GARY K$106.00------
111MARK K$106.00------
112DOUG W$106.00------
113BRIAN L$105.00------
114JOHN B$104.00------
115FREDERICK S$103.00------
116TODD V$102.00------
117PAUL F$101.00------
118ANTHONY C$101.00------
119ROBERT S$96.00------
120MIKE O$96.00------
121HERBERT M$96.00------
122NICHOLAS I$85.00------
123JOSEPH K$84.00------
124GARETT S$82.00------
125RON G$82.00------
126LEE R$82.00------
127ANTHONY R$81.00------
128ANTHONY I$81.00------
129CHARLES D$78.00------
130KEVIN H$77.00------
131JAY D$75.00------
132VICKY C$74.50------
133YONG G$72.50------
134CHRIS M$72.00------
135GUY H$72.00------
136MICHAEL W$70.00------
137GREG B$69.00------
138ALAN C$68.00------
139DONALD G$68.00------
140DIMITRIJE R$67.00------
141CHUNGMING H$65.50------
142ANTHONY C$58.50------
143JOSEPH H$56.00------
144ROBERT J. B$56.00------
145FRANK Q$56.00------
146KIMBERLY S$56.00------
147JEFFREY M$53.50------
148ANTHONY B$53.00------
149DANIEL A$49.00------
150JON T$49.00------
151CRAIG Y$49.00------
152PAUL J$48.00------
153EDWARD B$48.00------
154CHARLES D B$47.00------
155LAURIE S$47.00------
156DENNIS G$47.00------
157RANDALL P$47.00------
158RONALD Y$47.00------
159TRAVIS R$47.00------
160JOHN Q$47.00------
161STEVEN M$47.00------
162DANIEL Y$47.00------
163ERIC M$46.50------
164RALPH P$45.00------
165JOHN O$33.00------
166STEVEN K$28.00------
167JOHN C$28.00------
168DAVID M M$28.00------
169WILLIAM F. K$28.00------
170DENNIS C$28.00------
171MICHAEL H$28.00------
172LAWRENCE K$28.00------
173JAMES W$28.00------
174DAVID S$28.00------
175GREGORY L$28.00------
176ROBERT C$28.00------
177DAVID E$28.00------
178STANLEY M$28.00------
179CHARLES S$28.00------
180RICHARD R$28.00------
181ROBERT W$28.00------
182FRANCIS F$28.00------
183JAMES B$28.00------
184KATHERINE H$28.00------
185THOMAS B$28.00------
186JAMES B$28.00------
187GERALD M$28.00------
188CHARLIE C$28.00------
189VICTOR R$26.00------
190STEPHEN W$26.00------
191MICHAEL A$26.00------
192ROBERT E$20.50------
193JON L$20.50------
194MICHAEL S$19.00------
195SUSAN O$19.00------
196GEORGE S$19.00------
197BLAISE B$19.00------
198RYAN T$19.00------
199WILLIAM N$19.00------
200MARTY N$19.00------
201JERRY N$19.00------