Big Bet Battle Royale Final Round Results


Congratulations to Eugene K. of Saint Paul, MN, who has won the Breeders' Cup VIP Weekend Package and a $10,000 bet on the Classic. All cash prizes will be credited to the winners' accounts on or before Tuesday, October 6.

Framed American Pharoah Kentucky Derby photos will be mailed to the top 20 finishers on a date to be announced. Thanks to everyone for playing the Big Bet Battle Royale with TwinSpires.

RankPlayerLast 3 of Acct. #Total WinningsPrize
1EUGENE K150$1,021.50BC Big Bet Package + $1,000 & Derby Photo
2ERIC H186$978.75$1,000 + Derby Photo
3FRED D171$750.00$500 + Derby Photo
4RON G376$727.50$500 + Derby Photo
5KERRY B980$711.75$500 + Derby Photo
6CHRIS G432$710.25$300 + Derby Photo
7DARRELL M944$687.00$300 + Derby Photo
8SCOTT R843$660.00$300 + Derby Photo
9NOBIE H587$659.25$300 + Derby Photo
10WILL L183$648.00$300 + Derby Photo
11MICHAEL V397$621.75Derby Photo
12ARLETTA M732$614.25Derby Photo
13KIRK A877$613.50Derby Photo
14DANIEL M631$609.75Derby Photo
15JOE S836$606.00Derby Photo
16STEPHEN L836$590.25Derby Photo
17WILLIAM E201$550.50Derby Photo
18GEORGE R647$546.00Derby Photo
19KAREN R212$533.25Derby Photo
20DAVID S987$516.75Derby Photo
21RICHARD S019$492.00 
22BRYAN M413$489.00 
23CARL K048$483.00 
24DAVID P279$468.00 
25JOHN K391$466.50 
26BILL C693$462.00 
27MARK L964$459.75 
28STEPHEN S205$459.00 
29STEVE R196$449.25 
30STEPHEN B038$445.50 
31TIMOTHY H959$442.50 
32MICHAEL R946$442.50 
33ERIK D920$441.00 
34FRAN F918$429.75 
35WILLIAM J517$420.00 
36DAVID H821$417.00 
37ROBERT W355$415.50 
38ROBERT M351$414.75 
39JRICHARD D486$411.75 
40CURTIS K938$411.75 
41ANTHONY W401$407.25 
42BARRY P654$405.00 
43RYAN Y150$400.50 
44KEN W617$391.50 
45ROBERT M528$381.00 
46KIM L750$381.00 
47RICK R054$380.25 
48JUSTIN J901$378.00 
49KENNETH K362$377.25 
50CARL M928$375.75 
51TED S661$374.25 
52DON P322$370.50 
53DENNIS D266$363.00 
54BRYAN G130$363.00 
55ANDREW C364$362.25 
56TIM S795$357.75 
57RODNEY S791$350.25 
58JAMES H265$346.50 
59MATT S239$338.25 
60TODD B638$319.50 
61DAVID K483$318.00 
62ROLAND B237$309.00 
63DAVID W642$304.50 
64NICK M386$301.50 
65VINCE S288$300.75 
66KRISTIN S263$294.00 
67JOHN B842$294.00 
68GREGORY E828$291.75 
69JOHN H436$277.50 
70DONALD D090$276.75 
71CHRIS S359$276.00 
72KEVIN S718$275.25 
73JOHN W191$273.75 
74CHARLES F993$268.50 
75LEE J024$266.25 
76NICK S826$264.75 
77ALVIN M622$260.25 
78KG A931$258.00 
79RUPERT S435$255.75 
80BRIAN G081$252.75 
81VICTOR F575$250.50 
82MICHAEL S857$248.25 
83DAVID M753$247.50 
84FREDERICK G887$242.25 
85THOMAS G055$242.25 
86JAMES G026$241.50 
87ANDREW Z888$234.75 
88DOUGLAS R200$233.25 
89ELLIS S456$232.50 
90ROGER W083$232.50 
91DUSTEN M592$229.50 
92CAROLYN R206$225.00 
93ARTHUR M711$222.00 
94BARRY E860$219.00 
95NICHOLAS A934$218.25 
96CARY P948$218.25 
97CHESTER Z439$214.50 
98JAMES H809$214.50 
99FRED S738$214.50 
100Todd C774$208.50