Calder 0% Takeout Pick 5 Every Friday

Claim your share of FREE MONEY every Friday by playing the Calder 0% Takeout Pick 5 exclusively on

If you hit the 50-cent Pick 5 (5 of 5 winners) at Calder using your account on any Friday card, you will receive a cash bonus equal to 13.64% of your gross winnings up to $500 - effectively eliminating the industry-low 12% track takeout.

----- Results for Friday, Nov. 18 -----

There were no winners in the Calder Pick 5 on on Friday, Nov. 18.


Here's how it works:

  1. Play the Pick 5 at Calder on any Friday using your account through November.
  2. For every Pick 5 ticket you cash on (5 of 5 winners only), you will earn a bonus equal to 13.64% of your gross Pick 5 winnings, up to a maximum of $500 - virtually eliminating the industry-low 12% track takeout.
  3. Pick 5 bonuses will be credited by the Monday following every Friday program.
  4. Bonuses apply to winning tickets paying to 5 winners only. Consolation 4 of 5 payouts are not eligible for this promotion.

 * Winner's bonus is based on gross winnings from winning wagers placed on the Pick 5 pool at Calder every Friday. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer or promotions available through Only active members whose accounts are in good standing qualify. Winner's bonus payment may not exceed $500 per account holder, per day, regardless of Pick 5 payout amount. All decisions by management with respect to this promotion arefinal. reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time.