Cash for Twice The Price with Trakus at Hoosier Park!

From September 24 through October 5, cash in for twice the official Win payout* whenever your horse wins while traveling the longest distance of ground at Hoosier Park. How can you determine whether your horse traveled more feet than any other horse?

Thanks to Hoosier Park and Trakus' cutting edge technology, you can.

Here's how:

  1. Check out the Official Trakus Charts for Hoosier Park.
  2. Select the Date and Race number you would like to check.
  3. From the drop down menu, select 1 Mile (Finish).

If your horse finishes first and all other horses show a negative Delta for feet traveled in the Trakus T-Chart (TM), as pictured below, we will double your mutuel price for all win bets up to a total of $25 per race.


In this case, #1A Eastend Eddie paid $5.60 to Win. For TwinSpires Players, we would pay an additional $5.60 up to your first $25 in Win bets, or a maximum of $70 in bonuses per winning player. 

How to Get Twice The Price from TwinSpires*

  1. Place a Win bet on any horse in any race at Hoosier Park from Sept. 24 through Oct. 5.
  2. If your horse wins and travels more feet than any other horse in the same race, per the Official Trakus 1 Mile Finish chart, you will earn twice the official track payout from TwinSpires.*
  3. Twice the Price bonuses are paid only up to the first $25 in Win wagers placed on any horse.*
  4. Total bonuses paid may not exceed $500 per player, per day.*

Bonuses won during the Hoosier Park race week, Tuesday through Saturday, will be credited by the following Tuesday.

How do I know if I have won Twice the Price?
If you would like to check to see whether your horse qualified, visit the Official Trakus Charts and see if your winner traveled more feet than any other horse in the race. For your convenience, TwinSpires will list all eligible horses and their winning prices on this page on a "next day" basis.

Click to see a sample winning horse that qualifies to earn Twice The Price.
In this sample, every other horse in the race traveled fewer feet than the winner. The red negative number indicates how less feet each horse traveled compared to the race winner, Eastend Eddie. If you had a win bet on Eastend Eddie, you would have been eligible to win Twice The Price from TwinSpires.

Click to see a sample winning horse that does not qualify for Twice the Price.
In this sample, the horse Beach Body traveled more feet than the winner. Therefore, the winner, Southwind Silence, is not eligible to pay Twice The Price on TwinSpires.

This promotion is valid for any live race at Hoosier Park from September 24 through October 5, but may be cancelled at any time, at the discretion of Hoosier Park and/or