Churchill Single 6 Jackpot Now Over $670,000

The Single 6 Jackpot will be paid out on closing night, Saturday, July 2. Over $700,000 is in the pool and we've got four PLAYERS' POOLS lined up for the mandatory payout.

Click here to go to the Players' Pool page and play with your favorite handicapper(s).

What separates the Single 6 from other Jackpot bets? Two things:

  • A low 15% takeout
  • When the jackpot is not hit, 90% of the pool (after takeout) is paid out to all players with 6 winners.

This means the Single 6 pays better when you have 6 winners but fail to hit the jackpot, which is most of the time. Last week, the average .20 payout for the Single 6 was $13,941.

The Single 6 is is offered over the last six races on every live card at Churchill Downs through July 2, and it can be played for a minimum of just 20 cents.

If the current jackpot is not paid out by July 1, it will be forced out on closing night, Saturay, July 2.