Contest Races & Horse Players Results

The official contest races for the Beat the Horse Players for 2 Million Points contest are below. To compete, place a $2 Win/Place (combination) wager on a single horse or coupled entry in each race. Players must place a qualifying contest wager on at least 10 of the 15 contest races to qualify to win a prize.

Track your performance to the Horse Players' winnings, which will be listed below shortly after the results of the first contest race are in. For each Horse Player you defeat, you will win or split 500,000 Points.

Horse Players Individual Scores Are Now FINAL

Peter Rotondo, Sr.          Lee Davis          John Conte          Michael Beychok

 $0.00                                    $39.00                      $58.00                         $17.40 (lowest of 2 entries)

1. Aqueduct 9—G2, 1 1/8M, Dirt—3:48                 
2. Fair Grounds 4—MCL, 5 1/2F, Turf—3:54        
3. Tampa Bay 9—AOC, 6F, Dirt—4:10                
4. Aqueduct 10—G1, 1M, Dirt—4:17            
5. Churchill 9—G2, 1 1/16M, Dirt—4:35                 
6. Tampa Bay 10—CLM, 1M, Turf—4:45            
7. Fair Grounds 6—CLM, 7 1/2F, Turf—4:51            
8. Del Mar 4—MSW, 1 1/16M, Turf—5:00    
9. Del Mar 5—CLM, 1M, All Weather—5:30            
10. Churchill 11—G2, 1 1/16M, Dirt—5:35             
11. Fair Grounds 8—AOC, 1M, Turf—5:49        
12. Del Mar 6—G3, 1M, Turf—6:00            
13. Hawthorne 8—G2, 1 1/4M, Dirt—6:20            
14. Del Mar 7—AOC, 6F, All Weather—6:30         
15. Hawthorne 9—CLM, 1 1/16M, Dirt—6:50