Dubai Place Pot Results

23 Players cashed a winning $5 Place bet in at least five races, splitting the 500,000 Points second most winners prize. Carl K. takes the most winners prize by hitting a $5 Place bet in all six races. Thanks to everyone for playing the Dubai Place Pot with TwinSpires.

PlayerLast 3 of Acct. #Winning BetsPoints Prize
CARL K0486521,740
DONALD G645521,740
EDWARD G707521,740
FRANK S150521,740
FRANK S965521,740
GRANT R878521,740
HENRY W319521,740
JAMES C283521,740
JEFFREY N264521,740
JENNIFER Y623521,740
JOHN D320521,740
JON K313521,740
KATHY A694521,740
KEN W617521,740
KENNETH P872521,740
LARRY G926521,740
MICHAEL W924521,740
RONALD S910521,740
STEPHEN L836521,740
STEVE H237521,740
STEWART L383521,740
TIMOTHY J432521,740
WAYNE M826521,740