Earn a 10% Late Pick 4 Bonus on Woodbine Mile Day!

Woodbine and TwinSpires.com are teaming up to give players incomparable value in the Late Pick 4 on Woodbine Mile Day this Sunday. Woodbine is guaranteeing a $200,000 Late Pick 4 Pool and TwinSpires is rewarding players who hit the Late Pick 4 with a bonus equal to 10% of their gross winnings - up to $500!

For every winning Late Pick 4 ticket you cash on the Woodbine Mile card this Sunday, you will earn a bonus credit equal to 10% of your gross winnings. For example, if you hit the Late Pick 4 this Sunday at Woodbine and it pays $500, you will earn an additional $50 just for playing it on TwinSpires.com.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to win FREE MONEY this Sunday by playing the Late Pick 4 at Woodbine with TwinSpires.com.

*********Congrats to our Pick 4 Winners!*********

20 TwinSpires.com Players hit the Woodbine Late Pick 4 for $1,555.10. And because they hit it on TwinSpires.com, they earned a bonus of $155.51 in addition to their Pick 4 winnings.

Thanks to everyone who played Woodbine Mile Day with TwinSpires.com.





Here's how it works:

1. Play the Late Pick 4 at Woodbine on Sunday, September 18 with TwinSpires.com.

2. For every winning Pick 4 ticket you cash with your TwinSpires.com account, you will earn a Winner's Bonus equal to 10% of your gross Pick 4 winnings - up to a maximum of $500 per account, per day.

3. Pick 4 bonuses will be credited by Wednesday, September 21.

** Winners may be required to complete a W-9 form before receiving any promotional credit. 
* 10% Pick 4 Bonus is based on gross winnings from winning wagers placed on the Late Pick 4 pool at Woodbine on Sunday, September 18. Only the Late Pick 4 is eligible for the Winner's Bonus; no other Pick 4 pools qualify. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer or promotions available through TwinSpires.com. Only active Twinspires.com members whose accounts are in good standing qualify. Pick 4 Bonus payment may not exceed $500 per account holder, per day, regardless of Pick 4 payout amount. All decisions by TwinSpires.com management with respect to this promotion are final. TwinSpires.com reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time.