Enjoy DQ Insurance All Week at Churchill Downs

November 18 - 22

Tired of being on the wrong end of a DQ?

Bet to Win all week at Churchill Downs and we'll refund your wager if you horse crosses the line first and is disqualified. This week only, we'll refund all Win wagers on horses that are disqualified from first place at Churchill Downs, up to $25.

Results: There were no disqualifications at Churchill Downs for the week of November 18 - 22.

Here's How It Works

  • Wager any amount to Win on a single horse in any race at Churchill Downs from November 18 - 22.
  • Only Win wagers placed on a single horse are eligible for this promotion.
  • Multi-horse or boxed bets do not qualify for this promotion.
  • If your horse finishes first and is subsequently disqualified from first place, your Win bet will be refunded, up to $25.

Players may qualify for multiple refunds during the race week, depending on the number of horses disqualified from first place at Churchill Downs. Results are based on the official Equibase results charts for Churchill Downs races. Any race in which a horse is disqualified from first place will be listed on this page on a next-day basis. Refunds will be credited to the accounts of qualifying players within 48 hours of a qualifying race being declared official.