EZmoney Deposit


EZmoney is TwinSpires’ easiest method for depositing and withdrawing funds from your wagering account. Once your account has been activated for EZmoney transfers, you can transfer funds electronically between your bank account and your wagering account. It’s instant and best of all, it’s FREE of any transaction fees.

What is EZmoney?

The EZmoney funding system is based on the Automated Clearing House (ACH) process that has been popular in other industries that allow electronic transfers of money over the Internet. Best of all, you can also request funds to be sent directly back to your bank account, so no more waiting for checks in the mail when you want to make a withdrawal.

EZmoney is simple to set up. You can register for the service online and make an initial transaction in minutes. There is a form you will need to fill out and return to our customer service office, prior to making additional transactions, or withdrawing funds from your account.

Be sure to take advantage of this new funding option, available at no charge to you.

What advantages are there in setting up EZmoney? 

The EZmoney system gives you more control of your money and allows you to process your money transfers online in a secure setting. EZmoney makes it easier to move funds into and out of your wagering account. When using EZmoney, you no longer have to worry about gambling blocks on credit cards, or delays by the U.S. Postal Service in receiving withdrawal checks. Managing your funds has never been easier.