Fair Grounds Opening Week: $10,000 Double Bonus

November 21 - 23

Fair Grounds kicks off its 2014-15 thoroughbred meeting with a Starlight racing program on Friday, Nov. 21 and TwinSpires is celebrating by offering $10,000 in bonuses to all players during opening week, this Friday through Sunday.

How can you earn a share of $10,000 in bonus cash?

Easy - just cash a winning Daily Double wager in at least five (5) separate races to claim a share of the bonus. For every five (5) winning Daily Double wagers you cash starting in a separate race, you will earn a share of the $10,000 prize. With rolling $1 Daily Doubles, Fair Grounds will offer 26 Double pools during opening weekend, giving players the opportunity to earn as many as five shares of the $10,000 Bonus.


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How to Play

  • Play as many Daily Doubles at Fair Grounds as you wish during opening weekend, Friday, Nov. 21 - Sunday, Nov. 23. 
  • Daily Doubles may be played for the base value of $1 or more - all will count in the contest.

How to Win

  • Each time a player cashes a winning Daily Double wager in five (5) separate races, s/he will earn one share of the $10,000 Bonus prize. 
  • For the purposes of contest play, a Daily Double wager is defined as the Double wager that begins in a specific race. For example, a Daily Double beginning in race 1 and ending in race 2 will count as the Daily Double for race 1. The Daily Double for race 2 will be the Double starting in race 2 and ending in race 3, and so forth.
  • For scoring purposes, multiple winning tickets played on the same race or Doubles played for the base value of $2 or more will only count as a winning Daily Double on one (1) race.
  • Players may earn multiple shares of the $10,000 prize by cashing a Daily Double ticket in 10 (2 shares), 15 (3 shares), 20 (4 shares) and 25 separate races (5 shares) over the three-day contest period.

Results will announced on or before Tuesday, November 25. Bonuses will be credited to the accounts of winning contest players on or before Wednesday, November 26.