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Frandsen Publishing presents: Brohamer Series Part 1 of 4: "Velocity Based Pace Figures"

This is the first of a four-part series covering the groundbreaking concepts in Tom Brohamer's book, "Modern Pace Handicapping", based, in part, on the Sartin Methodology to which Tom Brohamer was a key contributor. With permission from both Tom Brohamer and Howard Sartin, forms of these concepts have been implemented in ALL-Ways Handicapping Software. This first part of the series explains the fundamental velocity based pace concepts employed by the methodology. Subsequent installments cover the Brohamer "Track Decision Model", the Sartin Methodology concept of energy distribution (referred to in ALL-Ways Software as "Percent Early") and the concept of "Turn Time", sometimes referred to as the "hidden pace fraction". Each part stands alone, so you can put the material into practice without waiting for the next installment....Click here to read the full article

Click here to read the full article