Final Brohamer Series Part 2 Track Decision Model_0.pdf

Frandsen Publishing presents: Brohamer Series Part 2 of 4: "The Brohamer Track Decision Model"

This is the second of a four-part series covering the groundbreaking concepts in Tom Brohamer's book, "Modern Pace Handicapping", based, in part, on the Sartin Methodology to which Tom Brohamer was a key contributor. With permission from both Tom Brohamer and Howard Sartin, forms of these concepts have been implemented in ALL-Ways Handicapping Software. This second part of the series looks at the Brohamer "Track Decision Model", a unique and very powerful way to evaluate how a horse's preferred running style pattern matches up with the "race type specific" pace demands of the track. And, separate models are maintained for win horses and place horses. It is this kind of advanced information that handicappers need to gain an edge over their here to read the rest of the article