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Thank you for visiting the official on-line wagering site of the Kentucky Derby – – and for your interest in our “FREE10 to get an instant $10 bonus.”

By signing up for a new TwinSpires wagering account and entering the promotional code “FREE10″ you will have your account credited with $10 to start your betting journey.


When you find yourself with a free bet of $10 with, there are many, many ways to use the $10.

The question is, what sort of return do you want?
How much appetite for risk to you have?
And how confident are you in your betting ability?

There is also the option of placing all your money on one bet, but spreading funds out to give you multiple chances in case your horse isn’t the best on the day would be a safer play.

Below are some of the ways to invest your $10 free bet

  1. SHOW BET, $10: Probably the bet that provides you with the best chance of a collect. In this bet, you’re predicting one horse you select will finish in the first three. The odds are almost always smaller than any other bet, but you will still get a profit if your bet is successful, even if it’s on an overwhelming favorite.
  2. WIN BET, $10: If you just want to bet on a horse you like to win a race, this is the one. As the bet suggests, you get a return if your horse wins.
  3. ACROSS THE BOARD BET, $2 STAKE (TOTAL $6); EXACTA, $4: A nice way of giving yourself a few options. The across the board (ie win, place, and show) bet gives you a chance of a collect if the horse you like most finishes in the first three, though you may not get all your $10 back if the show is the only one successful. The exacta could either be two horses boxed for $2 each, or maybe one horse as a banker to run first with either two other horses to run second on a $2 bet, or with four other horses to run second on a $1 bet.
  4. WIN, PLACE, OR SHOW BET FOR $4, TRIFECTA FOR $6: Choose a horse you like for a win, place, or show for a $4 stake, and then box three horses for a $1 trifecta. A successful trifecta could give you a very nice win.
  5. KEY SUPERFECTA: For exactly $10 on a 10c stake, you could try banking on building a superfecta with one horse to win, take five horses to run second, and the same five plus one other to run third or fourth. There are numerous other combinations that will get you $10, or just below it.

One philosophy is that if the money isn’t yours, you might as well go for a big combination bet like a trifecta or superfecta, giving you a chance of a massive collect without having risked anything.

My preference, however, is to look for a horse you think is as close to a certainty as you can, even if it’s a $10 show bet on a hot favorite. Even if the horse returns the minimum dividend, it means the $10 that wasn’t yours in the first place now belongs to you to place a future bet that you would likely have made anyway.

Whatever you choose, happy punting!

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