Future Wager Insurance Winners

The following players placed up to $25 in qualifying wagers on American Pharoah, who out-finished all other Pool 1 horses in the Kentucky Derby. Prizes will be credited on or before Tuesday, May 5.

PlayerLast 3 of Acct. #Qualifying BetInsurance Prize
ALBERT C546$2.00$6.00
ALEX S007$5.00$15.00
ANNE A157$2.00$6.00
BARBARA W639$20.00$60.00
BRANDON M699$5.00$15.00
BRIAN O730$3.00$9.00
BRUCE S570$9.00$27.00
CHRIS S498$10.00$30.00
CHRISTIAN A651$25.00$75.00
DAN W807$4.00$12.00
DAN F048$2.00$6.00
DANIEL K408$10.00$30.00
DAVE T819$5.00$15.00
DEREK P628$2.00$6.00
DON G643$5.00$15.00
DONALD K815$2.00$6.00
DOUGLAS M609$25.00$75.00
EDWARD F159$25.00$75.00
ERIK K377$2.00$6.00
GEORGE B646$10.00$30.00
GERALD D647$5.00$15.00
JAMES F488$25.00$75.00
JAMES H687$10.00$30.00
JAMES W802$3.00$9.00
JEFF R789$25.00$75.00
JEFF K175$13.00$39.00
JEFF K760$2.00$6.00
JEFFREY C614$2.00$6.00
JERRY B185$25.00$75.00
JOHN H052$25.00$75.00
JOHN S672$25.00$75.00
JOHN P833$10.00$30.00
JOHN A823$10.00$30.00
JOHN P764$10.00$30.00
JOHN L137$4.00$12.00
JOHN G495$2.00$6.00
JOHN C577$2.00$6.00
JONATHAN S783$25.00$75.00
JOSEPH B210$5.00$15.00
KENNETH J212$2.00$6.00
KEVIN R342$25.00$75.00
KEVIN H552$2.00$6.00
LEONARD G146$2.00$6.00
MARK M469$10.00$30.00
MARK W708$10.00$30.00
MARK L964$2.00$6.00
MATT K177$25.00$75.00
MICHAEL E301$25.00$75.00
MICHAEL R040$25.00$75.00
MICHAEL S763$25.00$75.00
MICHAEL B425$8.00$24.00
MICHAEL D513$2.00$6.00
MICHAEL M663$2.00$6.00
MICHEL F112$20.00$60.00
MIKE E245$5.00$15.00
MIKE S453$3.00$9.00
MIKE K860$2.00$6.00
MONICA K234$2.00$6.00
MONICA M302$2.00$6.00
NANCY M654$2.00$6.00
NATHAN O673$5.00$15.00
PASQUALE D983$5.00$15.00
PATRICIA H329$2.00$6.00
PAUL L491$25.00$75.00
RICHARD C698$5.00$15.00
RICK R936$3.00$9.00
ROBERT L843$20.00$60.00
ROBERT V666$2.00$6.00
RODNEY M533$10.00$30.00
RONALD R899$10.00$30.00
SCOTT T257$20.00$60.00
SCOTT E183$2.00$6.00
STEVE H149$5.00$15.00
STEVE B752$2.00$6.00
STEVEN B127$7.00$21.00
TERESA A474$2.00$6.00
TERRY B971$5.00$15.00
TILDEN T263$2.00$6.00
TIMMY T889$10.00$30.00
TIMOTHY M121$25.00$75.00
TOM O213$2.00$6.00
WARD C590$20.00$60.00
WAYNE R811$20.00$60.00
WILLIAM C865$25.00$75.00
WILLIAM E849$20.00$60.00