Future Wager Show Pool Winners

103 Players placed a $15 Win bet on one of the top three finishers in the Kentucky Derby in Pool 4 of the Kentucky Derby Future Wager.

Horse 1 was American Pharoah, 7 was Dortmund and 12 was Firing Line.

Each player has earned 9,709 TSC Elite Points. Points prizes will be credited on or before Tuesday, May 5. Thanks to everyone for playing the Kentucky Derby Future Wager with TwinSpires.

PlayerLast 4 of Acct. #FW Horse #Points Prize
ADRIAN A77319,709
AMANDA Q89079,709
ANDREW Z88879,709
ANDY E02679,709
ANTHONY C01379,709
ARCHIBALD T25519,709
BRIAN W22379,709
BRUCE B924129,709
BRUCE F65879,709
BRUCE W77579,709
BRYAN G13079,709
CHARLES B64619,709
DAREN T30619,709
DAVID C14519,709
DAVID D72619,709
DAVID H91979,709
DAVID K48319,709
DAVID L31719,709
DAVID S39379,709
DONALD C41619,709
EDWARD G70719,709
EDWARD W409129,709
EDWIN A89579,709
EILEEN B99679,709
FRED D056129,709
FRED D171129,709
GABRIELA K59619,709
GARY N28579,709
GREG H87919,709
GREGG B430129,709
GREGORY H37079,709
IRVING D66719,709
JAMES M97379,709
JAMES R76779,709
JAMES V18079,709
JAMES W41979,709
JAMES W40719,709
JEREMY J66779,709
JERRY B434129,709
JERRY S83879,709
JIM W064129,709
JIM Y46279,709
JIMMY B76019,709
JOHN B55579,709
JOHN J35319,709
JOHN L84579,709
JOHN M82679,709
JOHN S65379,709
JOHN S20719,709
JOSEPH S68979,709
JULIE J14819,709
JUSTIN B24279,709
KALAH R91079,709
KAREN W55579,709
KATHY A694129,709
KEITH M632129,709
KENNETH T53879,709
KEVIN G35019,709
LEONARD K10379,709
LEROY H79019,709
LINDA J88719,709
MARIO S95979,709
MARK G94779,709
MARK L96419,709
MATTHEW D70279,709
MATTHEW F29719,709
MELVIN W36279,709
MICHAEL B57379,709
MICHAEL C35179,709
MICHAEL T19419,709
MIKE H08479,709
MONICA M30219,709
NATALIE K12279,709
NICK L35019,709
NIEL T57879,709
PATRICIA C251129,709
PATRICK C135129,709
RESSA H392129,709
RICARDO B68019,709
RICHARD A85879,709
RICHARD B28979,709
RICHARD L855129,709
ROBERT G67079,709
ROBERT G16279,709
ROBERT K12979,709
RONALD L24119,709
SARAH C990129,709
SERGIO R94379,709
SHANON S27279,709
STEPHEN A04519,709
STEVE D95779,709
STEVE S05579,709
STEWART L38379,709
THOMAS K65619,709
TIM T52619,709
TRACY L30219,709
WESLEY V20019,709
WILL S25679,709
WILLIAM M91379,709
WILLIAM S70919,709
YU C08819,709