Hambo Players' Pool Picks

Ticket #1


COMMENTS: GIDDY UP LUCKY has crossed swords with the best free-for-all pacers this year and has been strong on four-turn miles. On the two-mile turn the 8 post should not be a problem. DELMARVELOUS is coming back to form and fits well here from the inside. Last year he won the Adios at big odds and now, at four, he can be a terror to this division. ARACACHE HANOVER delivers some big miles and has a tendency not to care about being wide, so from the 9 post he has promise to be in the picture.
MEADOWLANDS, Race #6 U.S. Pacing Championship

$420 WIN on 8
$10 EXACTA BOX 8,9 ($20)
$10 EXACTA BOX 8,1 ($20)
$5 PICK FOUR 1,8,9 with 2,3,4 with 2,4,10 with 1,2,3,7 ($540)
$5 PICK FOUR 1,2,6 with 4,5,7 with 2,7,8 with 1,2,3,4 ($540)
$5 PICK FOUR 2,8,9 with 1,9,10 with 2,6,7 with 1,2,3,4 ($540)


Ticket #2


COMMENTS: ARCH MADNESS returns to the ground he conquered before having a bad day at Mohawk (a bad day for him is to come in second). He is so powerful this year and that is saying something for the horse that broke Donato Hanover’s win streak a few years ago. IL VILLAGGIO is coming around at four, getting stronger as he goes along and challenging far older stallions with a lot of courage. From the rail he may try to duel the top guy. HOT SHOT BLUE CHIP is the kind of horse you love to have in an exotic because he is able to get his number on the board despite where he might be mid-pack.
MEADOWLANDS, Race #7 Nat Ray Invitational

$170 WIN on 2
$20 EXACTA BOX 2,4 ($40)
20 EXACTA BOX 2,3 ($40)
$10 TRIFECTA 2,4 with 2,3,4 with 2,3,4 ($40)
$20 SUPERFECTA BOX 2,3,4,7 ($480)


Ticket #3


COMMENTS: JEZZY, even from post 10, is the best of these and proved it by getting into the final the toughest way possible: she had to make up mega-lengths after a misstep at the gate left her a dozen lengths behind the field. It was the first loss of her career. The favorite, Crys Dream, will be terribly over-bet, and she had a lot more competition here than anyone admits. So, we will also choose LADY RAINBOW, who is coming into her own at the right time, to be in the mix, as well as WINNCINNATTI is getting better and can take advantage of a fast pace.
MEADOWLANDS, Race #8 Hambletonian Oaks

$320 WIN on 10
$20 EXACTA BOX 2 with 10 ($40)
$20 EXACTA BOX 4 with 10 ($40)
$10 TRIFECTA 2,10 with 4,8,10 with 4,8,10 ($80)


Ticket #4


COMMENTS: The overwhelming favorite, Manofmanymissions has an unreliable gait and will be over-bet, as he has in the past, allowing for greater odds on horses that are not as persnickety. BROAD BAHN, who we gave out during his best priced wins at two and three, won his Hambo elim smoothly and smartly, fooling people with a slow pace that is not representative of his speed. He can find a good spot early, save ground and plow home to be better than ever. FAWKES is another colt we have been following (we gave him out when he was second at 70-1 in his elim). Finally, the brothers Campbell, Jim and John, reunite with a Hambo contender, OPENING NIGHT. This colt is peaking at the right time and could enjoy a marvelous trip.
MEADOWLANDS, Race #9 Hambletonian

$520 WIN on 1
$10 EXACTA BOX 1,3 ($20)
$10 EXACTA BOX 1,7 ($20)
$8 TRIFECTA 1,2,3,7 with 1,3,7 with 1,3,7 ($96)
$40 PICK FIVE 1,3,7 with 1,5 with 5 with 1 with 9 ($240)


Ticket #5


COMMENTS: NEIGHSAY HANOVER comes back to a comfortable level and the inside post. He has done his best here and sometimes at huge odds. WIND SURFER has beaten “Neighsay” and others with classy trot resumes and is in this event to cash a big check. WALDORF HALL has been impresive at four, taking on stronger, older trotters with bravo.
MEADOWLANDS, Race #10 Vincennes Trot

$220 WIN on 1
$10 EXACTA BOX 1,3 ($20)
$10 EXACTA BOX 1,5 ($20)
$50 TRIFECTA 1 with 3,5 with 3,5 ($100)


Ticket #6


COMMENTS: IDYLLIC is a resilient gal. Even when she has lost her gait she gathers herself and gets right back into the fray. She was unafraid of See You At Peelers and has come the closest to beating the fantastic filly. If she isn’t her own worst enemy here, she can take advantage of the inside post while the public’s obvious choice has to deal with post 10. ROCKLAMATION always races better than her odds, gets a good post and should be in the thick of the first three. MYLUVMYLIFE will be overlooked even though she has been a competent competitor to the best in this field.
MEADOWLANDS, Race #11 Mistletoe Shalee

$298 WIN on 2
$30 EXACTA BOX 2,5 ($60)
$30 EXACTA BOX 2,9 ($60)
$8 TRIFECTA 2,5,9,10 with 2,5,9 with 2,5,9 ($96)
$20 SUPERFECTA BOX 2,5,9,10 ($480)


Ticket #7


COMMENTS: HYPNOTIC BLUE CHIP returns to the scene of a great victory for him and us. Last year on Hambo day we gave him to the public at 11-1, commenting that he would go the mile of his career. He did just that, proving he loves this oval. There is no reason he won’t go big again, especially since this field is weaker than last year’s field. ALL SPEED HANOVER is improving at four and can race well enough to get a chunk of this purse. BETTOR SWEET has become everything we promised he would become and keeps pouring on the speed against older pacers, so we cannot leave him out.
MEADOWLANDS, Race #12 U.S. Pacing Championship, Div. 2

$520 WIN on 1
$100 EXACTA 1 with 3,6 ($200)
$50 TRIFECTA 1 with 3,6 with 3,6 ($100)
$20 SUPERFECTA BOX 1,2,3,6 ($480)
$5 PICK FOUR 1,3,6 with 2,7,9 with 2,4,6 with 1,7,9,10 ($540)


Ticket #8


COMMENTS: ANNDROVETTE is having a great season and fits perfectly among this group, as well as she should love the Meadowlands. ON THE GLASS is the defending champion and will be gunning to make it two in a row. ROCK N SOUL shocked and awed last year, blowing out the toteboard while finishing second at 80-1 (we gave him to bettors that day).
MEADOWLANDS, Race #13 Lady Liberty

$320 WIN on 9
$50 EXACTA BOX 7,9 ($100)
$50 EXACTA BOX 2,9 ($100)
$40 TRIFECTA BOX 2,7,9 ($240)


Ticket #9


COMMENTS: POWERFUL MIST may finally be in the perfect spot to use his strong brush and beat division mates. Toss out his Adios loss, he was used too hard and stalled. LOOKINFORADVENTURE made two huge moves last time and stayed in the mix. It was a warning mile; he can go a giant mile with the right trip. DOIN TIME TOGETHER cashes checks, enjoying late moves that get him the dough.
MEADOWLANDS, Race #14 Oliver Wendell Holmes

$420 WIN on 2
$50 EXACTA BOX 2,6 ($100)
$50 EXACTA BOX 2,4 ($100)
$40 TRIFECTA BOX 2,4,6 ($240)


Ticket #10


COMMENTS: MR MASSIMO was sharp stepping up and could be ready to win at this level at the track where he likes to win. VEAL MARSALA is always there in the end and very tough at this oval. SOUTHERN SPORT is coming around, having just beat “Veal” and others here.
MEADOWLANDS, Race #15 N/W $17,500L5

$520 WIN on 9
$50 EXACTA BOX 6,9 ($100)
$50 EXACTA BOX 7,9 ($100)
$40 TRIFECTA BOX 6,7,9 ($240)