Handicapping Article Series


ALL-Ways Newsletters have been published and distributed to more than 40,000 horseplayers every quarter since July of 1996. The newsletters are widely considered to be one of the very best sources of handicapping and wagering insights in the industry. In 2009, Frandsen Publishing began to periodically select individual articles that have proven to be big fan favorites over the years. The PDF versions of these articles are shown below. Simply click on the link to read and/or print each article. Note that additional articles are added to the list at the rate of about one per month.

A critical element of striving for profitable play is the absolute need to develop a personal, organized, and efficient handicapping process that neatly coordinates with the wagering decisions that must be made. The Handicapping Process Series is a series of six articles, including a "wrap-up" article, that covers how to develop an effective handicapping process in a simple, logical, step-by-step manner.  

Handicapping Process Series Part 1: "Toolbox Handicapping" ... plus Isolating Contenders and Horses Most Likely to Win 

This Part 1 of the series discusses the important differences in "Toolbox" handicapping versus "Black Box" handicapping. It also covers important early handicapping tasks of identifying all the horses having a legitimate chance to finish in the top 4 positions and the 3 or 4 horses with the best chance of winning the race. 

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Handicapping Process Series Part 2: "The Keystone of the Process" ... plus Classifying the Favorite 

This Part 2 of the series expands on what we believe to be the Keystone of every successful handicapping process. More specifically, it covers how to isolate the 3 or 4 horses with the best chances of winning the race and it covers how to classify the crowd favorite as either "legitimate", "vulnerable" or "false". If we do a good job in the Keystone part of the handicapping process, all our other choices in the remainder of the process have a good chance of being effective. 

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Handicapping Process Series Part 3: "Key Decisions" 

This Part 3 of the series covers how to go about making the key handicapping decisions that are so critical for our success as we move from handicapping to wagering. This includes identifying the two non-favorite horses with the best chance to beat the favorite and identifying a good Key Horse to use in our wagers. 

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Handicapping Process Series Part 4: "Getting Unstuck" 

Developing an efficient and effective personal handicapping process is not an easy thing to do, but it is absolutely essential for profitable play. It is easy to make the process development effort harder than it needs to be. And, the process should keep being refined over time. In this Part 4, we are going to provide some ideas that may help you make good progress with less hassle.

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Handicapping Process Series Part 5: "Feedback" 

Part 5 discusses the logical progression of key handicapping skills tied to wager types, ways to measure the effectiveness of each set of key handicapping skills and ways to improve and refine the developing handicapping process.

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Handicapping Process Series Part 6: "Wrapping It Up"

This Part 6 not only wraps up the Handicapping Process Series, but also ties the handicapping process back to the comprehensive five-part Wagering Series previously published by Frandsen Publishing which has received stellar reviews in the industry. 

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