Hit It and Split Hit Saturday at Gulfstream

Racing from South Florida shifts this week to the home of the Florida Derby, Gulfstream Park. The highly anticipated meet at Gulfstream gets underway with a new wagering menu that includes a early and a 50 cent Pick-5.

We are celebrating the new 50-cent Pick 5 by giving all TwinSpires Players a chance to earn their share of 1,000,000 Twin Spires Club points for hitting the Pick 5 at Gulfstream this Saturday, January 8th.

First post at Gulfstream on Saturday is set for 12:55pm ET/9:55am PT.

First leg of the Pick 5 starts in race 6 (approx. 3:25pm ET/12:25pm PT).

Congratulations to following Players who hit the Pick 5 at Gulfstream.

The 50-cent winning pick 5 ticket on Saturday paid $6,860.05!

LocationTwin Spires Club Points Won
Darrel L.  Great Neck, NY
Rick F.
 Mansfield, MA
Jason A.
 Lindenhurst, NY


Saturday’s Pick 5 Sequence

Race #
Race  Post Time ET
 3:52 PM
 4:23 PM
 5:25 PM

How to Win:

  • To win a share of 1,000,000 points, just place a winning wager (through TwinSpires wagering account) on the Pick 5 at Gulfstream this Saturday.

Official Rules:

  • To qualify to win a share, the player must place an actual winning Pick 5 wager (through their TwinSpires wagering account) on Gulfstream Park on Saturday, January 8th.
  • Only the Pick 5 at Gulstream Park on Saturday, January 8th is eligible for contest play.
  • Each TwinSpires Player may only win one (1) share of the prize, regardless of the amount of winning tickets s/he records in the Pick 5.

At the end of the day, all Players who have placed a winning wager on the Pick 5 on Gulfstream Park on Saturday, January 8th will win a prize equal to 1,000,000 Twin Spires Club Points divided by the total number of winning players. If there is one winner, s/he will receive the entire 1,000,000 points prize. If there are 10 winners, each will receive 100,000 points and so forth. Point prizes will be posted on the Official Winners page and credited by Thursday, January 13th, 2011.