Hit It and Split It Carryover at Fair Grounds Winners (2/20)

Congratulations to all of the following Players who hit and split their share of the 2,000,000 point prize pool. The points will be credited to Players accounts by Wednesday, February 24th.

Matthew A. of TX
Gregory A. of Poteau, OK
Kenneth A. of Long Neck, DE
John A. of Salem,IN
Edward A. of Mobile, AL
Douglas B. of Salem, NH
Ben B. of Beaverton, OR
William B. of Ivoryton, CT
James B. of Georgetown, IN
Robert B. of Columbia, MD
Deborah B. of La Crosse, WI
Martin B. of Brooklyn, NY
Mark B. of Avon Lake, OH
Dennis B. of Salisbury, NH
Alan B. of Richardson, TX
Chris B. of Hampden, MA
Abdul B. of New Albany, IN
Francis C. of Potomac, MD
Peter C. of Metairie, LA
Steve C. of Pleasantville, NY
Paul C. of New York, NY
William C. of Vine Grove, KY
Rafael C. of Arlington, VA
John C. of Temecula, CA
Kerry C. of Pittsfield, MA
Loretta D. of Haddam Neck, CT
Tommy D. of Oklahoma City, OK
Daniel D. of Brooklyn, NY
Ed D. of Lexington, KY
William D. of Sudbury, MA
Samuel D. of Slidell, LA
Lester D. of Metairie, LA
Michael D. of New Market, AL
Barry E. of McComb, MI
Jeff E. of Framingham, MA
James F. of Reading, MA
Victor F. of Highlands Ranch, CO
Mark F. of Pewaukee, WI
Jerry F. of Oklahoma City, OK
Terrell G. of Metairie, LA
Susan G. of Overland Park, KS
Kevin G. of Clarksville, MD
Timothy H. of Bryant, AR
Thurman H. of Naples, FL
David H. of Federal Way, WA
Roger H. of Louisville, KY
Steve I. of Conshohocken, PA
Timothy I. of Arlington, VA
Chuck K. of Lorain OH
Mike K. of Belleville, IL
Michael K. of University Heights, OH
Tim L. of Richmond, TX
Leslie L. of Oklahoma City, OK
Darrell L. of Great Neck, NY
Peter M. of Westerville, OH
Robert M. of Ellettsville, IN
David M. of Royal Oak, MI
Alvin M. of Coconut Creek, FL
Floyd M. of Holland, MI
Wayne M. of Naperville, IL
Trent O. of Sullivan, IN
Louis P. of Metairie, LA
Robert P. of Jacksonville, FL
Brad P. of Carpentersville, IL
Thomas P. of Benton, AR
Scott P. of Magnolia, AR
Brad R. of Lavaca, AR
David R. of Louisville, KY
Steven R. of Plover, WI
Ronald R. of Youngstown, OH
Harold R. of Galloway, OH
Gary R. of Romance, AR
Matthew S. of Kokomo, IN
Abe S. Chula Vista, CA
Jeffrey S. of Minneapolis, MN
Joey S. of Eden Prairie, MN
Emile S. of Metairie, LA
Patrick S. of Fort Wayne, IN
Joe S. of Louisville, KY
Randy S. of Medina, OH
John S. of Cypress, CA
Patrick S. of Metairie, LA
Larry S. of Modesto, CA
Clifton T. of Rosevill, CA
Daniel T. of El Paso, TX
Jerry T. of Vincennes, IN
William V. of Sunrise, FL
Gary W. of Louisville, KY
Herbert W. of Canal Winchester, OH
Matthew W. of Fort Collins, CO
David Y. of Kenner, LA
Steven Y. of Irvine, CA
Richard Z. of Youngstown, OH