Horse Racing and Sports

'Pig Skins and Ponies,' 'Hoops and Horses' whatever clever name we can give the combination bets of various sporting events in tandem with our beloved horse racing - we'll take it!

Horse Racing and Basketball Combo Picks

Our racing analysts frequently combine weekends in coverage of horse racing, with coverage in sports. Take a look at College Hoops here.

Horse Racing and Football Combo Picks

With racing's close ties in sequence plays and parlays, our analysts often follow other sports and find just as tantalizing picks as in horse racing. Take a look at football picks for College Football, NFL and even XFL here.

Past Pigskin and Pony game results

Big Game Squares Daily Double Results Grid

Check this grid after each quarter of the Big Game to see if your winning Daily Double combination qualifies to win a prize.

All Daily Doubles at the tracks listed below are eligible for contest play. The results of each Daily Double will be listed in column for which the bet pays out.

For example, the winning numbers for the Daily Double starting in race 1 and ending in race 2, will be displayed in the 1/2 column and so forth.

Track / Race #1/22/33/44/55/66/77/88/99/1010/1111/12
Aqueduct6/3 3/33/33/3(7)3(7)/22/0(10)0(10)/22/2   
Fair Grounds1/11/3 (4)3(4) /2-10---5/33/11/0 (14)    
Golden Gate 5/55/44/44/11/11/66/4    
Gulfstream5/55/44/99/66/11/44/0(11)0(11) / 55/66/99/4
Laurel Park7/44/55/9 (4)9(4) / 66/55/11/3    
Santa Anita4/77/88/88/33/11/66/0 (11)    
Tampa Bay1/22/22/77/66/66/11/44/8   
Turfway Park4/44/11/44/99/66/1     


  • 1st Quarter Prize: 250,000 TSC Elite Points - No winner, Prize carries over to halftime score.
  • 2nd Quarter Prize: 500,000 TSC Elite Points - No winner, Prize carries over to Q3 score.
  • 3rd Quarter Prize: 250,000 TSC Elite Points - Winner: Panthers 7, Broncos 16 - Click for Winners List
  • Final Score Prize: 1,000,000 TSC Elite Points - No winner, Prize carries over to the players who hit the most Doubles.

Most Doubles Winners for 1 Million Points Announced

If no player qualifies for the Final Score Prize, the 1,000,000 Points prize will be awarded to the players who cash a winning Daily Double ticket in the most races, as follows:

  • Most Winning Doubles: 500,000 Points
  • 2nd Most Winning Doubles: 200,000 Points
  • 3rd - 5th Most Winning Doubles: 100,000 Points