Improvements Released For TwinSpires Express Wagering Experience


In an effort to improve your wagering experience, we have released several enhancements for TwinSpires Express.

The improvements include:
  • The Express wager pad is now directly accessible on the right side of the track program information. 
  • You now have the ability to Dock and Undock the Express wager pad in order to customize its location.
  • You now have the ability to Lock and Unlock the Express wager pad to choose whether you want it to synch with the track program.
  • The Wager List now automatically updates after completing a wager with the Express wager pad. Also, an update link has been added to allow you to update the Wager List.
  • A "View PPs" link has been added for easier access to the past performances you have ordered.
  • A "Stable Alerts" link on the right side of the program has been added for more convenient access to your Stable Alerts.
  • Improved speed and performance of the Express program page and wager pad.
Please review the new features listed and let us know what you think by clicking the feedback button.

The TwinSpires Team