Introduction to FastBet-TT (IVR)® Touch Tone Wagering



Off Track Betting with FastBet-TT (IVR)® and Twinspires


Telephone Wagering:

Welcome to FastBet-TT (IVR)® Interactive, a premier self-service wagering system.

FastBet-TT (IVR)® Interactive protects the privacy of accounts by requiring guests to provide their account number and pin at the beginning of each call. Once the account is verified, the wagering system states the account balance and begins accepting wagers. Each wager is played back to the customer for confirmation prior to being submitted to the TOTE system.

 Helpful Hints:

Touch-tone commands are completed by pressing ‘pound’ ( #key), with the exception of the recorded wager IVR voice confirmation.

Placing Your Wager:

Your wager is collected in 5 steps and then confirmed.
3.Wager Bet Type

You will use your account number and 4 digit pin that you set up for your account. If you need assistance to reset your pin, please call Player Services at 1-877-SPIRES1 (1-877-774-7371) 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 Midnight (ET)

  • FastBet-TT (IVR)®  requires a clear and quiet connection.
  • Cell phones with interference or excessive background noise such as a TV or radio will prevent FastBet-TT (IVR)®  from properly processing your call.

With the exception of the confirmation of a wager, where you will confirm by stating “Yes” or “No”, the FastBet-TT IVR uses the touch tones from your phone to process your transaction.

1)    Reset your Wager anytime, by entering double zero    (i.e. 00#)

2)    You may enter your MENU selections BEFORE the end of each MENU message.

Off Track Betting with FastBet-TT (IVR)® – Call Flow


1. Call 1-877-774-7371 select option 2 for automated wagering.

2.  Enter Account Number,


followed by the #key.

3. Enter Security PIN,


followed by the #key.

4. Account Balance will be announced with daily listing

5. Enter Program/Track Code,


followed by the #key.

6. Enter Race Number,


followed by the #key.

7. Enter  Wager Type,

followed by the #key

8. Enter  Amount of Wager, followed by the #key.

( Races allowing non-whole dollar amounts will use the ‘asterik’ – *key to enter

non-whole dollars.

i.e. $2.50 = 2*50#

9. Enter  Runner  selections,

followed by the #key. 

(Use ‘asterisk’ –  *key

 to separate Runners)

 i.e. 2*3*4= Runners 2, 3, and 4 for any given leg

10. Listen to your selections :

“You have selected: ???”

11.   VOICE RESPONSE to wager confirmation by clearly saying “YES”  to accept  your wager  (or)

 “NO” to  reject your wager

12. Listen for confirmation

“Your wager has been placed. Thank you for wagering with ?????” before continuing .

13. To place another Wager

 Press “1”   (or)  HangUp


Wager Type Codes





Wager Straight Boxed
Win 1  
Place 2  
Show 3  
Exacta 4 41
Trifecta 5 51
Quinella 6 61
Superfecta 7 71
Win-Place 8  
Win-Show 9  
Place-Show 10  
Win-Place-Show 11  
Win-Exacta-Trifecta 12  
Double 22  
Pick 3 33  
Pick 4 44  
Pick 5 55  
Pick 6 66  
Pick 7 70  
Pick 8 80  
Pick 9 89  
Pick 10 90  
Pick 11 91  
Pick 12 92  
Grand Slam 77  


Confirming Your Wager

Spoken:  Please clearly say “YES” or “NO”

Wagers are NOT valid without a voice response acknowledging acceptance of your  wager.

If you say “YES” to accept the wager,  FastBet-TT (IVR)®  will respond with a voice acknowledgment

If you say “NO”  to reject a wager,  FastBet-TT (IVR)®  will give you the option to correct the wager by returning you to the beginning MENU for track selection.

Always listen carefully to the wager that is being played for your confirmation.

** With the exception of the wager confirmation, be sure to enter the (pound) #key after your MENU selections.

** All calls are confidentially recorded and safely stored.